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Hello all

    This is my first website so have patience with me as I learn all the different tools and what have you.  I’ve been on computers since 1982 in the 4th grade, yet Ive rarely posted nor cared to until recently, when Ive came back to the Lord.  This will be a blog that anyone can come to but mostly its intended to uplift those down in the chasms of despair and/or struggling with religious or mental even social problems. I will do all in my power to help those not only struggling spiritually but those struggling mentally with their own challenges.  With the Lords help all things are possible -even me (a newbie to all this web stuff)currently learning about running his own site.  But I promise if I cannot help you I will pull those in here with the experience in your troubled area or questions you need answers to that can do so.   God bless you all!


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