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Be not afraid.

   When you see the world and its many evils be not afraid.  When you see the powerful and those corrupted with fear and trembling of what may happen, do not worry.  God has your back.   He is the the supreme authority.  When you are threatened or coerced into repenting from the flock or when others say they shall take thy life, be not Troubled.  God smiles upon you, saying that this shall not be so.  You are of a divine and princely kingdom that knows no fear or death.   This faith is your protection, it is your shield.  God has thee in his hands friend, and God is Love.    So spread the word of his coming, and of the salvation through his Son, Jesus Christ that died so that we might live.   For by his death we found forgiveness and the awe-inspiring truth.  We are all redeemable. Yes ALL!  The story put about that we are not is a lie as are the lies that will follow when the church is called up on high to be with the Lord.   

       The theosophists will say to thee “they have transcended”.  The unbelievers will deny “that the raptured were ever here”.   I do not know for certain that or how, the alien phenemona will be used against us, but from all that I have researched I wouldn’t doubt it in the slightest.   Yet there is one last hope for thee after those that were called up are gone.  Do not take the devil’s last resort of making you worship him, nor whatever “mark” he makes laws for, so that you should be tortured or killed by refusing it.   When a world leader suddenly appears claiming to have all the knowledge and understanding of the troubles in the world..believe him not for he is the beast.  He seeks to guile you with cunning and false knowledge, but eventually, his true nature will reveal that he is a force that worships his own image only.  He will give you many miracles and they will seem divine, yet deep down you will feel that they are false or illusion/trickery.  His hope, indeed his very mission;  is take you with him to a hell that he is already fated to inhabit.  He does not want to be there Alone.

      If you do not know the Lord now, research and/or ask.  He has placed many witnesses all over the world that are just waiting to give their testimony unto you.  Or better yet, with a pure heart ask Jesus for what better way than to appeal directly to the source?  You see my friends it is a strange connundrum you find yourselves facing, one in which you have everything to loose or everything to gain!  What other faith offers this?  What other book was written by so many different authors in so many differing times and locations, yet has traversed unmarrable in its truth and prophetic wisdom.  The bible is the only book that has never been wrong.  Test that out for yourself and be prepared to become astounded and amazed.

       The bible is the only book that speaks about events of the past and future without error.  So if a source unnerringly correct admonishes you to,  “Accept the Lord Jesus Christ and be saved, or reject him and perish forever” it would be wise to pay heed.   I have nothing to loose by typing this and I feel I have been led down a path beyond my understanding in doing so, but I want everyone there in the peace of God’s grace and joy.  When the Devil appears he will offer you answers but he will impart only perdition and flames.   Run dont walk to GOD!   He is coming my brethren, I do not pretend to know a date but it is soon, indeed as the bible warns us, “He is already at the door.”  God Bless you all.


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