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I thirst for thee o LORD!

   This is a time of ultimate challenge, or doubt and despair and of repentance and redemption. We are all together on this planet yet every person’s faith and cross to bear are their own burdens, just as every step you have taken leads you to your own final destination. Will this be a transition to enlightenment? Illumination? A greater sense of self? I know the many theorems and hypothesis that are promulgated to not only the youth of our time but to each of us no matter our own desperate and sometimes lonely friends no matter their years. We are told we can reach truth and light by giving gifts of money. We are provoked to reach understanding by giving tithes of our valuable commodity of time. 

        Yet, how many paths to salvation were already given to us without us having to do anything in return? Shall we invest ourselves in humanity and thus loose all ties to the spirit or shall we promote those who decieve and use guile and trickery, even torment to gain our trust? If I were to say the easy road is to deny the spirit and do what you will and then I shall be in the majority, but nay there are consequences for what we do to not only one another but our own selves as well…

        Try faith; its far from easy, and it can be one of the most difficult things to imagine: putting your trust in a God you cannot see or believing that he would send his only son to die just in order so that you might live. There are too many half-truths and false promises in every other school of thought that I personally have encountered and I am sure you yourselves have witnessed the veritable buffet of religions/ideas that are out there attempting to mislead you.

        Jesus Christ will not force himself upon you nor will he tell you things that are false. He has his arms open for thee, welcoming you home to the place he has prepared. What others offer you paradise? Judge them by their works and deeds and know therein the difference in a true savior and an empty promise. I will walk with thee he said and when the road gets to harsh I will carry thee. Please tell me another religion another messiah that comes close to that!!! He will ask you to embrace him so that when you die you shall not be forgotten. Please dont turn him away now so that you wont be turned away after your death. Embrace him now and embrace eternal life with the Father and Son. Please think about it. What have you got to loose? Are things so great now that eternity cant possibly matter? Are you so wise and sure in that wisdom that there can be no doubts that there is no resurrection? Will you come to the lord humbly or will you scream for him in abject sorrow when it is too late for him to help you?


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