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    So many are trying to pin a date on Christ’s appearance for the rapture when even he himself admits that only the father knows, so why do they fret and worry?  It is good that man wants to be with his God as soon as possible, but those seeking after God’s sudden appearance seem to overlook the very reason it has not happened yet.   The LOST.   God wants his children with him and he wants us out there getting those bound by Satan freed from the shackles of their sin.  We yes thats right WE, are the ones to be on the front lines, carrying our crosses for the Lord who carried his FOR US ALL!  So lets get out there or on here and spread the GOOD NEWS, that Jesus Christ has RISEN and is coming for us.   Let’s not get so caught up in the trials and trepidations of prediction and forecasting the actions of God, instead let us praise him and be a light unto others so that they in turn might find the redemption that was so eagerly granted to us.  The Divine Mercy of God is awe-inspiring and it makes me tremble to know how unworthy I am to receive it, yet receive it I have and to repay such a great gift I want to insure that others of our brothers and sisters retain God’s grace as well.  Let us not worry over when the rapture cometh, only look forward to the simple fact that it comes.   Work out your salvation with much fear and trembling and Know that you are among the Beloved.


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