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That old time religion

     I sometimes believe the Lord made me bipolar for a reason.  I dont sleep that much so thats just more time Im awake studying God’s word or learning more about verses in the bible I do not understand.  The lack of sleep is from the manic side to my bipolar condition and let me tell you when I get manic I make a hyperactive 3 year old a quiet companion in comparison.  I sometimes get down or depressed but mostly I stay locked into the manic side, but when I do get down (and lately I have been), I just take it to the Lord.  I listen to uplifting songs or videos or just pray that the Father will uplift me.   One of my favorite religious songs of all time is Where Could I Go?  If you haven’t heard this song request your church to sing it or have your choir learn it, or just listen on youtube to Elvis’s rendition, he has a choir behind him and it is highy inspirational.  

        Praise God for the glory he reveals that jerks my humble spirit off the ground, giving me the energy to send this message out to all of you that may wander across it.  Remember my brothers and sisters (for we are all God’s children), when you are lonely, when you are down and out; just take it to the Lord in prayer.   He is always with you just ask him to let you walk a little closer to his side and immediately you will.  Your wayward and forlorn spirit will be uplifted for he has never left you, you just forgot to look around and see him standing to your left or upon your right.  I think the best time to search him out is when you are totaly overcome with misery and despair and you look for God and cannot find him at all.  For that is the time when your eyes were utterly shut, completely immersed in the gloom of this world.   That is just like the poem says “Where where you Lord?  I really needed you and I saw only my own footprints in the sand when all along you had walked beside me, but when I needed you most you were nowhere to be found.”  Jesus then replies, “My child those footprints you saw were not your own they were mine, for it was I that was carrying you at the time.”  Hallelujah!!!

    PRAISE GOD!!!   Let us all remember he’s not just there to watch and listen, he will actually carry us through our desperation and our utter immersion into self pity or realized disaster!    GOD BLESS YOU ALL!!


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