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In the Warring Darkness

   We are here to insure each other.  Period.  We are here to love and worship God and help our fellow brothers and sisters do the same.  WE the children of God are the inheritors to His kingdom, not some political body shouting change.  We are the ones who will be called to answer for the seeds we have sown.  It wont be acceptable nor allowed to blame the devil at the throne of God for your limitless wickedness.  You wont be able to say well my mother never taught me how to do that or my father wasnt around to teach me the right things in life.  You have the word of God before you my brother.  It has been bound, sealed and sanctified that you be shown the right path to reach him.  Tell others that you are saved by letting them see the light of God and the works of Jesus in your life.  Simply saying “Change!” will not impress upon your lost friends and loved ones that they should.  They need to know that they can !  Spread the living word of God by imparting to all that you are proof in the pudding of THE change Jesus can bestow upon the unrighteous.  We have a fight ahead of us my friends, we are in a for a world of sorrows if we are not ready and simply fortifying your strongholds will not be enough to save you…  Get the protection of Christ today!   Race to defend him and his word.  HE died for you.  Will you not do the same?   God bless you all!


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