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    There is a symbolic cup in the heavens representing God’s rising anger at the ever increasing sin and blaspemy permeating upon this world daily.  It is added to constantly and soon it will overflow releasing the final judgement of God’s fury and indignation to all.   Every time a child is killed in its mother’s womb another drop falls in God’s chalice.  Every time someone denies the Son whom God sent to us to save us from sin, this cup gets a little more full.   Every time a family is put out on the street for failing to pay ever rising costs and taxes they can longer afford.  Every time a man cheats on his wife or she on him, another splash in the cup.  Every time a preacher praises coin instead of the King, every time a man sits in judgement refusing to help those so desperately in need. 

  God is watching all things on this earth, his eyes are all knowing and all seeing and even his mighty patience has limits.  So when you see Christians getting killed for turning from their heathenistic religions and getting burnt alive after watching their families raped and killed youll hear another splash hitting the righteous fury of God’s anger.  When you see poor men and women with their hands out on the street and you calmly pass them by, when you were told by God to stop and help someone disabled and you didn’t listen, when you were told to forgive and forget and you only hated all the more.  The cup ever grows full.   Every time you hear of a new religion forming, every time you hear a new and different gospel, every time you let someone mock the name of JESUS!   We are running a race dear people and this race seems to be who can put the final drop in the cup of Judgement before it spills over.  REPENT! Do not wait do it now!    THE CUP IS BRIMMING OVER!

           GOD BLESS YOU ALL!!!


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