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Faith is like a fact.

   Faith is like a fact in a way.  We are certain of this fact until someone points out enough times that this fact has errors in it.  So we change our faith in this fact to suit others opinions and our faith is thus lessened in not only our eyes but in God’s as well.  What we need to do to insure our faith is to never doubt it, to never change our belief in the tenets that GOD has set before us.  Faith is a very precious and fragile thing and yet at the same time it can be stronger than any steel.  Faith can negotiate through any man made system and with enough faith one can overcome insurmountable odds.  I think we need more faith in our lives.  Remember that god spared not the sinning first son’s of heaven because they needed no faith as we do.  Remember how precious we are to God and know that we are choses by him to recieve great rewards in heaven if we just live by the faith in him that he wants us to, we are guaranteed great things in Heaven.  God bless you all!


Comments on: "Faith is like a fact." (2)

  1. Interesting. I think it is good to challenge our faith, to ask questions and to be open to shifting our beliefs. At one time the Christian Church of the day had as part of their faith that the Sun revolved around the earth and put to trial those who disputed this element of faith. We changed over time. At one time the faith of the Catholic church was challenged by Martin Luther and a new Protestant church was developed and many elements of faith was changed. I believe that faith evolves, that God does not intend for his flock to be static in their faith, rather they be dynamic in their faith.
    Peace and love to you.

    • I agree and I don’t agree. Mainly what I’m discussing is the basic tenets of the Christian faith and what those are as they apply to you as an individual. Remember the basic flaws of research and/how you eventually become what you study.

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