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HEED o ye sinner!

    There IS an eternal HELL.  I want to warn you of it if  I can.   Please do not be misled my friends thou art a prized possession.   GOD wants you with him but Satan wants you as well.  We are all in danger of the devil, he and his ilk are the slyest of the sly.   “There will never be another Lucifer one seeking to rise so high he fell so far.  The fairest of the fair made the  foulest of the foul.  He will promise thee power, kingdoms, power and dominion but never LOVE.  He will never offer what he himself knows nothing about nor believes in.   REPENT from his temptations and his pitfalls for they are ceaseless in their exsistence.  

     Jesus offers thee LOVE and forgiveness for ALL, everything and unconditionally so!   RUN TO HIM.  HE will answer thee if thou shalt only knock and “Behold he is at the door!”  We have fallen my people into races of degradations, peoples of intolerance, children of seduction, and harlots for adultery.   We are not what was intended, this is not ALL there is my brothers and sisters.  WE have treasures beyond compare in our mansions in heaven.   WHY are so many of us so utterly poor now?  Why does GOD promise that the meak shall inherit the earth?  Hasth no ears for hearing nor any eyes for the seeing of lusts around you?  They are everywhere and they are legion.  We are a brief flicker in time o children and we shall come forth like new babes into the promises of the Kingdom of GOD if we but ask him to be ours and forgive us our many sins and errors.  HE will always forgive, keep asking, stay as righteous my people as you can.  He is coming for us.  Oh ye Isreal wilt thou never lift up thine eyes to The Good News around you?   Say to the Lord of Hosts forgive me father for I have sinned and have come short of your glory  take me to thy bossum o Lord and hold me close. 

   The only Other alternative is Hell friends and thats your two choices.   What would anyone choose?   I pray you have even half the wit to answer that.   There is free choice, there is free will and there is freedom.   “Take what thou wilt and then pay for it.”    I love you all and hope to see you there I hope I AM!   GOD BLESS YOU ALL !        Heaven or BUST!


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  1. When I wrote this I was overcome by the spirit of GOD. I had prayed for not only my change of ways but everyones. I had worried and Jesus came into me and lifted me so high my friends I felt like a mountain looking down at an ant hill. The true love Jesus Christ has for you is unexplainable there are no words to comprehend but JOY and PEACE. Oh my friends, wil We not simply open our eyes.
    Let the Joy of Christ enter thee and take him as thy LORD and he will SAVE THY SOUL!!! Its a feeling youll never forget or be able to walk away from. Its a total rapture of the spirit making you want to save and heal and cast out demons in his name. IT makes you want to help people and talk to people. Get out there my friends and PRAISE THE LORD! please? I love you but he loves you more.

    • AMEN JEFF! I have been pretty lax on this blog or having a kind of dull spirit, but I think all humans go through that. Its hard for me to focus my thoughts to reply to people even if its on script such as the forms of typing in response to blogs or even face to face questions because my mind does not work like that. Im a completely out of the box thinker and a total lack of common sense type hehe. I hope you keep that joy up brother! At the moment I am filling pretty good but being bipolar it comes and it goes. Yes Jesus is right there waiting and soooo many fail to even take the time to ask him to come in or even ask him anything. I think its because of mankinds greatest flaw PRIDE . Strange how someone so great could be without the one thing that our insignificant selves seem to have in abundance isnt it??? Praise you LORD and help us get out there and steer some lost and desperate souls your way!

    • I tried sending you an email brother but it said it wouldnt go through is it up to date or you have another?

    • amen dear brother..im sorry to respond so late but im adhd with manic bipolar and im always on the go in my head or in my pacing. I think you have it down. pray for me as well!

  2. I understand and appreciate your faith. To me, hell is not a place, rather a state of being. A state of being where we have turned away from source. We can never disconnect from source for we are of source.

    BTW – here is what I don’t understand about the Hell. If God is love and God’s love is unconditional, because pure love is always unconditional than how can a God of love have conditions placed on us?

    Love and Peace to you!

    • That is a HIGHLY debated matter but with the tiniest bit of biblical research and really not even that you will find This all over the place. Actually I am glad you asked this because its one of the easiest ones to answer lol. I don’t type on this blog and if you knew me in the slightest the way my mind works even doing so is an almost utter impossibility. I am a supremely hyper (adhd) and unfocused for that reason- kind of guy. I am bi polor but yet I rarely have those depressive states I am almost always locked in to the manic or Frenzied state so lets just say even typing anything is kind of hard to do unless I am following a script. So when I DO type it is always under the dominion of the spirit. I am totally under God’s direction. Now thats not to say I am not saying all I should or could say or that I am messing up in the semantics BUT I am doing something! He wants us there with him. OK thats the real answer to your question too, he loves you soooo much I just dont have any way of describing that BUT I can tell you another scriptual way. THe bible says in many parts that GOD is HOLY god therefore he cannot abide sin. IT is not possible for him to accept it. SO you have to accept his son to erase the bonds of sin that Satan through Adamn and EVE placed upon us. See god even sent his own son to die for you and I have a son would I have sent him to die for people that hadn’t even been born yet? Lets be honest I love my son so much I wouldnt let him die for anyone especially those already dead and gone!!! OK now im really manic atm so just check out the divinity of god through bible concordance, google stuff and check out the links you get in one of the first 3 probably the first youll find it. IF NOT PLEASE come back and Ill find it for ya the many verses and they are really everywhere in the OLD and New testaments. Bless you for having the courage to reply to a blog as fierce as this one can be it tends to convict yet through love I hope it reaches people I know its Jesus sending me to do this and I know why, but as for me as a person lol i was hardly the ideal choice.

  3. Thanks for taking the time to reply. I understand what the Bible says, however to me, to my spiritual self it still does not make sense. God is love, love is without conditions, yet you are saying that God can not condone sin therefore we must be pure to be accepted into his realm of heaven, if now we banished to hell. If God gave his only son for our sins, then does not this act forgive the sins of all people. I believe there is no “time” in Gods perception there is no past, nor future, only now and that for God, Jesus died for all of our sins. This is very interesting.
    Love to you. I respect and admire your faith.

    • Theres alot of things that do not make sense to us at many points in our lives but like Im always telling the teenagers of this world that think they are going to literally live forever and never die (i think we all did me til 29 though i was saved at 10). My black years were just that black and filthy and yes Jesus welcomed me right back into the fold! See that is the thing Jesus forgives all but the blasphemy of the holy ghost. God cant forgive or should i say he will but cant let sin NEAR him. Its not like your thinking that hes just against it, he could not BE a Holy GOD or GOD if that was possible AND let us into heaven with him at the same time… see? SO to make SURE we get there his son died for us? wow thats something yet so many refuse its simple logic as illogic because its love and then when he shows anger they refute that because its not LOVE? Are you really reading into seams of The Lie? The ever famous nonstop lie satan’s alway spinning? God bless you Ill pray for you and me both! Remember there are things that make us who are just as god has things that make him GOD.

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