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The value of a life.

    You tell me to stop as if I have a choice or that my life is forfeit.  You tell me not to speak out against the injustices of man as if I should watch and forget.  You  tell me there is no GOD yet I feel and see him all around me.  Well let me tell you something…

       The value of a life is nothing if it is not spent glorifying the Lord.  My life has no value so I care not to lose it.  I warn and pray and I watch and pay heed to the things around me.  If the value of a life is in a man’ s income it is worthless.  If you speak about having wealth on earth even knowing that upon your death that you cannot take it with you then why worship the almight dollar?  We should be helping each other come to the glory of GOD and the spreading of the GOOD NEWS.  THAT has value.   We do NOT.   This mortal shell is a decaying husk meant to test you and your loyalties, it is meant to give you hope of reaching everlasting life where you will NOT DIE.   SO why worship this frail mortal condition when this reality is one of constant woe and sorrow.   You will lose things, you will gain things but in the end just lik e you, they must and will pass away. 

        Take my life it is not mine.  Take my body and lock it away, but upon death I know the conclusion and yet you seem not to.  There are those around you that only live for the moment, there are those that live for the year or for the promise of a future that is not guaranteed to them.  We cannot say that we are eternal unless we have taken the words of GOD and adapted our lives around them.   Jesus died for you and yet you do not repent.  You do not come to him with open arms as he waits for you with the same.   I leave you with this.. Where will you spend your eternity when the dollar has no fame?


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