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   How many people really plan on death? 

I am not speaking of planning for wills or estate planning.  I am not talking to you about eventualities here.

   Take a look around you and tell me if you really feel threatened at the moment and perhaps many actually live in a place where they are threatened or are in danger, but for the most part they aren’t atleast not all the time.

   However, death can come at any time and always at a time least expected.  How many people get time enough to repent of their deads 3 minutes before their deaths?  There are many ways death can happen instantly.

  1. Home invasion/robbery and burglaries that have lethal consequences.
  2. Heart attacks
  3. Brain aneurisms
  4. Car wrecks and thats a huge chunk right there of the mortality rate.
  5. Altercations that turn lethal
  6. and simply those freaky and weird accidents that happen to people.  Have you read about the guy that was in a wreck where the box of kleenex came from the backseat and the corner of the box pierced his skull and killed him instantly?  Or the witnesses to close car collisions where shrapnel and glass kill spectators or innocent passerbys?

    Now that I have your attention please plan ahead with the ultimate life after death insurance.  It is the love of Jesus Christ I speak to you of.  He died so we could all live and guys he’s not picky anyone can come into his wide open arms.

    Please think about it NOW and not later, after all you might not get the chance again…


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