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    And now your life it subsides, falls from beneath you.  Would you do it all again had you the chance?  What of those that think the early stages of their life are already over and they cannot bear to continue with the hurt they feel inside?  Is it okay to destroy my life since I thought it worthless and I myself am too weak to carry on?

    WRONG!  Do not hurt yourself!  There is sooo much more to life than the familiar things you are suffering now.  I have been around the world and I chose to come back in two weeks.  Why?  I had a family waiting on me, but mostly it was because I missed my mountain home.  Yet familiarity breeds contempt and I left it only to return and rejoice ecstatically, when the mountains came yet again in my view.   What I am saying is, take your mind away from things that torment you and if you are a teen or younger and forced to live in a bad situation DO NOT despair it gets better!

  There is a great and wonderful life out there.  Forget your sorrows but remember they WILL return and they will come back in droves, but that’s the great thing.  If we had not joy we would never have sorrow to discern it from.  See the love that you bring, it will take you to where you are going to.  It will find another heart that will join with yours.  It took me 19 years to find my wife or rather find each other, but it happened.  We have our share of fights and then some but we overcame and we hold on.

     Please HOLD ON!  It is ever worth it, tomorrow can be better if you make it so.   If you live like there is no tomorrow eventually you will be disappointed, but you can say that atleast YOU LIVED.   Death be not proud read that poem!  There is nothing noble about death, nor nothing romantic about lying in wormy earth.   Remember that there are those that love you:  I AM ONE. 

     I have only these hands, I will die a pauper, BUT I am content and even joyful, because I know that one day soon my GOD will come for me and make me WHOLE.  He will not forgive your killing yourself nor do you have an excuse when he sent his own son to die for you.   Think before you act in this I beg of you please.

    I tried to kill myself on purpose 8 times and well over 15 inadvertantly so I KNOW where you are coming from.  Trust me I was bleak and black as they come yet CHRIST lifted me up out of the pits of despair and chose me to tell you this.  YOU ARE LOVED!  YOU ARE WANTED!  You are a treasure beyond compare and all will be explained to you one day soon.  

     Do not hurt yourself there are those that lie and decieve you into doing so because their fate is so bleak and certain they want others there tormented with them.   They teach you of destroying yourself because they have chosen destruction for themselves.  They cannot repent even though they know their punishment is just.   Have some faith my friend.  When you look around you do you see things that man cannot make?  Do you not realize that all this life and death surrounding us has a purpose?  We are not some experiment long forgotten we are a carefully cultivated test of faith to prepare us for our eternal rejoicing.   I do not type this lightly  and I swear to you upon my very soul this is true.  I want you around. 

    The worries of the past are just that past.  Forget todays hurt and pain and realize you will get out of your situation and that we are all tested and tried constantly.  I love you my friend even if I know you not.  BUT JESUS CHRIST loves you so much MORE!


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