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   Praise thee Father for thy great mercy.  You have shown us love and compassion when we were not worthy.  You have allowed us to grow apart in order that way might in your great wisdom come together.  There is more to thee Oh GOD than any utterance from my mouth will ever admit and there is comfort whenever we come to thee in prayer.

    Dear God bless us and keep us, love us and shelter us as the foes of men come with hate and envy to steal us away.  Hold us firm within thee dear God and never let us slip from thy loving grasp.  I am a weak sinner my Lord and I am prideful and fallen.  Forgive me Father for I sin daily and sometimes I seek not to repent, but in vain pride I go about my days without thee.   Stand with us oh LORD as the torments near more than we can bear as they seek to conquer your servants and the kingdoms you have created.

     Praise thee God the most High!  The giver of life and creator of all things. whose beauty outshines the sun.  Thy majesty and greatness are beyond compare and the pure love that thou doesth send is above all things.  Thou art the most Holy my GOD and thou art forever.  Keep us safe within thee my GOD and bless and bring those that stray from thy word back within thy hand.   Let us sing a song of Glory to the Savior and Father and the great comforter that uplifts us when we fall.  Praise the hosts of heaven, may they help the little children when they shiver in the deep watches of the night.

    Thank thee Oh God my GOD thou art eternal and thou art MY LORD!


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