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Debunking the debunkers

    There is a God and yes there is his son Jesus.  Those saying there is not are just lying to themselves out of ignorance or worse pure malice.  You cannot look around you and say there is no God because of all the many wonders surrounding this world, both in it and outside of it.

   Since they cannot say there wasn’t a Jesus Christ that walked the earth, because it is documented far too well in many historical documents from that era that there was, they try to debunk him.  They say well there was a Jesus but he was just a great man or a wise teacher even a prophet but that is all.  Well let me you sisters and brothers the Jesus Christ that I know and love and the very Jesus Christ that died for even the unbelievers as well as the faithful lived and lives now.  He is returning for those that love him and to judge those that do not. 

   You can say, (and I’ve seen this a lot recently) that well since I am unsure about Jesus or the devil, I will just continue what I am doing and since I am a good person it will all be okay.  WRONG!  Jesus clearly stated that “Those who are not for me are against me.”  That is the truth of the matter and I want to warn you not to be one of those on the fence.  Because when it boils down to it there is no fence!

    Come to Jesus today friends.  I don’t know you but I do love you and I want you to be beside me when God comes back to rule the earth.  There will be great rejoicing and everlasting content for his people, but there will be wailing and gnashing of teeth in the burning pits of hell forever for those that war against him.

    I can be a real jerk but I try and live right and do the best I can to get by.  GOD always makes sure that I get by and he will certainly take care of you as well.  But understand I am no fence sitter I proclaimed Jesus as my lord back in 1985 and I never looked back.  Please for the love of God, humble yourself and accept him as your savior.  If you come to him with an earnest heart you will be saved I promise with all my heart and soul this is true.  once you do this you will feel like a new person trust me!  Try it and see!  If not come on here and curse me out.  I make that wager with you and the stakes are the highest and most expensive gamble that you will ever make.  The stakes are for your very soul. 

           God Bless you all!  I love you guys but Jesus loves you sooo much more!


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