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Be of Good Cheer!

    I have been worrying a great deal the past two days and I was in a deep dark depression that left me almost immobile.  I spread my fears to my family, myself and basically for naught.  I found that it mattered little what I worried over.  No matter the darkness or the depths of the night I have those everlasting arms of the Lord to lean on and lead me through this ugly world.   I felt a peace come over me this morning and wanted to share with whoever comes across this blog the loving tender emotion that overcame me.

    Be of good cheer!  The jaws of death surround thee and warn of great doom.  The black murkiness of impending death encamp around all that you hold dear.  The workings of great men and their manipulations pull at all those things you love.   They are of no consequence for the Lord has claimed thee.  The divine glory of heaven await you with open arms of love and contentment.  For were we not warned that we were not promised happiness and endearment to this world?  Has the Lord not spoken regarding the foolish things men seek to bring about to spite his great plan?

    We are not given to the spirit of fear my beloved!  Though it has enshrouded and folded itself upon you like a cold blanket do not despair!  Hold firm in your beliefs that you are cherished and anticipated with great love and warmth.  When you see the hidden hand move its pieces upon the land remember the derision placed upon them by the Lord Eternal!   We shall overcome not in this life but in the next.  Smile and laugh, dance and sing, for we are a promise that was given ages ago.  WE  are welcomed.  We are Wanted.  And it is We that will laugh and sing forever!!!       God bless you.


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