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In peace

   My other pc messed up and that’s not much of an excuse but it is the truth as to why I haven’t been posting much of late.  My apologies.   To jump back in with both feet, I would like to make everyone aware of just how near Jesus’s rapture is.   Well it’s our rapture too… but I want to stress the point of being right with him in order that you may be lifted up as well.

   It makes little difference to anyone whether you are believed or not as you spread the Good News of Christ’s resurrection.  He is the one that matters, though it is our duty to him as well as the lost to spread it.  We must all try to keep as holy and righteous as we can in the next few weeks or months, though we should be doing this anyways, it is now all important for us to do so.

   Please get out there and warn your friends and neighbors and love those even if they hate you.  Try to get right with GOD now because it will soon be too late to do so.  I have returned to the fold and never looked back and I wish everyone else would join me in doing so.  We will be so amazed and unafraid at the great judgement while everyone else is terrified and rightly so.   I do not want anyone left behind and even though you will have another opportunity to accept Christ why would you want to wait and endure the terrors of the Great Tribulation if you do not have to?  To me this is idiocy and no one has any excuse.  All praises to thee Oh God!!

   God bless you all!   Keep looking to the east.


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