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Remember to thank God.

   Remember to praise God as you go about your daily activities and thank him for everything you have.  He gave it to you and he can take it away anytime he feels like it.  We should be praising the Lord on a continuous basis, though I know the world is easy to get caught up in, just remember to thank God for he made the world and never forget that he will destroy it.   We are to love and cherish one another and are not to get caught up in a spirit of fear.  This is God’s time.  Nothing happens without his approval nor can it.   Be not afraid during these dark hours to come..  We are cherished treasures in the kingdom of the Lord and we will be taken care of.

   If we do pass over just know that if you are saved by the blood, then it is to a far better place you go than this earthly home of sorrow.  We are appointed to joy!  To celebration!  WE are appointed to praise and sing the love of GOD and the Son of Man for eternity!!!   So remember thank GOD now and then and say a prayer for those that need it *especially me*. 

    God bless you all!!!


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