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Some might tremble.

Lo! I was born,fed,bred and indoctrinated. I was given chemicals and preservatives instead of nutrients. I was handed sinks full of flouridated water and denied the true waters of the earth.
I studied fantasy instead of foundation. I worked for pennies instead of pension. I was taught we came from monkeys and apes and the last breath mankind drew was the end of man in all shapes, forms and fashions.
I became beguiled and englamoured of television of stardom and fame. Instead of heroes, I was given coked up heiresses and plastic harlots showing more skin than dignity allowed. I was told to fantasize about mtv and becoming a musician that sang songs of depravity and lurid actions with glee and glory, galore. I found myself alone in the world and beheld it for what it truly was a land full of false promises and penalization.
Then in my despair I cried out, “Woe is me I am forsaken! I am abused, I am alone!” I found myself repulsed by this false place. I found myself looking for something so long denied, hidden and kept apart. I searched for the one thing the world denied me- Truth- and it was not until I gave up that it found me. Alone in myself, depressed and disillusioned; I heard a soft, still gentle voice.
And Lo! Behold I am forgiven! O Praise thee Almighty GOD I am wanted! I am precious! I am loved! Thank thee oh thank thee my soul saving redeemer for you have encircled me in the loving arms of salvation. Now I find myself still despised in this war weary world. I find my words loathed and looked at askance because I was given a truth to share. But my dear friends I care not at the barbs and bruises nor the burns and blisters this place hurls at me.
Thank God I am forgiven. Praise God I am saved!!! God Bless you guys!!!


Comments on: "Some might tremble." (2)

  1. Amen! All glory to God, for this great gift of Salvation. All of us sinners forgiven and made righteous through no goodness of our own. The free gift of God, Eternal Life, for all those that will come in faith believing that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of the Living God.
    There is no gift in existance that even comes close. What will a man give for his own soul?

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