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Im no better…

    Forgive me Father for I am no better than they are.   Those that seek to discredit and those that seek to destroy.  Forgive me Father for I sin daily in many different shapes and fashions.  I seek the small things in life yet I seek them in any course.  I do not speak out against the injustices that are committed daily upon this earth.  I do not act to stop the foulness that daily perverts the world our young grow up in.  I do not stop and think enough to give thee the credit for the goodly things you have provided, nor dear God do I stop and praise thee with all the glory that is thy due.

   Forgive me Father for I am weak.  I am a glutton and I am a slob.  I seek self fulfilling things instead of the bounty you have provided.  I search through the darkness for purpose instead of the in the light where you have set my feet.  I look for dark roads upon dark paths and when I am surrounded scream that you have deserted me! 

   Forgive me Father for I am no better than any other I am just as sick and downtrodden, just as overcome and overworked.  I am pushed and pulled into choices not of my choosing and I am told wherefor and whereto that I should go.  I sin in that I listen oh Father My GOD…instead of seeking thy words I chase the direction that fallible men have pointed me towards.  I strive to collect and save even though I know I cannot take it with me…

   I condemn Oh Father the wicked works of the evil man.  I destest and deplore their cowardice and their cravennesss and find myself alone and diminished because my eyes have strayed.  I tell myself that I am righteous in that I do not nor could not offend and yet I too pass the homeless and the destitute by.

    Oh Father My Lord My GOD forgive this humbled sinner that so thought he was above your other creations.  I see that I too am just as loved and just as in need of thy great mercy and forgiveness as the next poor soul.  Forgive me Father for I too have sinned and I too am no better than they are.

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