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   Lo!  Look and listen.  Leer and learn!  Loathe and lavish, but dare ye not pray! 

Harken and hear.  Hurry and hasten.  Hurt and harass, but dare ye not repent!

Chastise and compare.  Cherish and cheer!  Curse and care less but do not go to God in prayer!!!

Laugh aloud and forget.  Smirk or you may smile .  Sample even slurp you slovenly, you slob. 

Shall we or shant we?  Consider or chide?  Caress or crush?  But Prayer???  LOL prayer??

Why do prayer?  I mean whats it gotten you?  Has it ever healed the sick?  Has it ever driven forth legions of demented demons from the possessed?   Come on guys!  Prayer?  You do that stuff ?  You pray inwardly to God?  HA!  I bet some of you even pray aloud!!

Next you will say you have prayed for blessings and recieved them or that you have prayed for some lost soul to find his salvation.  You will write on here that you prayed for your son or daughter, your sister or your brother to find Jesus and they actually did.  Prayer??  Of all the things that you could be doing with your time you choose this thing to do?    I wonder if you some one out there is praying in repentance at this very moment?  Or wait better yet…they’re praying that the drunken man doesn’t get into his old car and plow into a school bus full of kids today.  

Prayer what exactly is it anyways?  Are we to ask God for something in public and expect him to respond or even listen?    

   These are the thoughts of the wicked.  These are the things of the devil.  RUN children run to GOD in prayer.  Let them arrest you for carrying a bible to school when books on wicca or the satanic bible are allowed.  Let them chastise you with their laughter for tis you that God has promised will laugh last.  It’s quite simple really I believe in God and I know for fact and through faith, that he sent his only son to DIE for even my sorry self.  Yes you bet I’ll pray and because a judge has made such acts illegal I will pray for him TOO!

   Praise GOD! Praise the Lord! He is worthy of it trust me!!  And one day soon he’s going to show you how worthy and on that day you will know your own worth.  Prayer???   I feel like young Oliver Twist, except my stomach isnt empty… my life is and instead of holding out an empty bowl ill put my two hands together and fall down on my knees and say Please Sir, My Father, My God- Can I Have Some More?    God bless you !


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