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Thanks for the help!

  To whomever cared enough to send me the “care package”, please know you have my eternal gratitude and know that you have earned your reward.  I am deeply sorry but I could not accept it, so I am sending it back to you with love and a smile.  I hope it comes in handy in those “lonely” hours of the night and I hope it relays to you its true joys at the sad parting…   I think you will have many fun filled days ahead! 8)

   Now to the true news.  The news that matters.  The news about your soul.    Ok I just stumbled across some of those “light worker” messages floating around from blossom goodchild and after her deep embarassment, I felt happy.  Not for her shame or the humiliation that the poor lady suffered, but I am ecstatic that she is no longer messing around with the  federation of deceit.  Please guys read between the lines in her last reply and theirs.  They come out and say they don’t care.  They come out and say “get over it”.  They know where your home is.  They know where they want their home to be as well.  YOUR SOUL!

   It’s so sad that so many people have fallen for this stuff.  They have been caught in lie after lie and make broken promises galore, yet they now don’t bother with excuses.  You know what I think might have happened.  God would not let them come or and this might even be worse for the new age crowd, they didn’t intend to come.  They sat back and fed off all the “negative energies” that their no-show caused and fed off the poor people’s sorrow and despair.

  Guys please…you’re smarter than this.   You won’t let your sisters and brothers treat you as you let these things do you.  Do you have no pride?  They are right when they say a few things though and they only say them because they know they have deluded your poor minds enough that they can get away with it.  Seek and ye shall find, for instance.  They quoted straight from the Bible there and what they are not saying is the what that passage infers.  If you seek the truth you will find the truth, but you are seeking light from a fallen star.  It is therefore a false light.  It is a deception.  Wake the heck up !!  These things are going to eat you alive.  Research for yourself dont just take the new age spiel.  They only quote from their own sources.  Do your own soul searching!  

God bless and protect you all and remember I and others are here if you have questions!  Read the bible ask about ANYTHING in it!


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