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  I’ve yet to meet a jewish person.  Thats not really very strange considering where i live in the boonies, but in a way it is a sad state that though I have traveled all over the world, I have yet to meet a Jew.   This is kind of strange but the Lord woke me up with a message for all of you that have not taken Jesus Christ as Lord.  I’ve had this flash in my head all day and since I know of no other way to say it I am just going to say it.  

  Soon we will be leaving this world.   Jesus is coming back for his true “church” and not the rites and rituals that man has made for him.  He wants as many of you that will embrace him to come as well.  I hope somehow this message reaches a few of you atleast.  I hope it makes you consider that the Lord died there for you and yet you still do not recognize him.  Please do not go through the tribulation when the whole world shall be tested.  Do not go through the great time of Jacob’s trouble if you do not need to.  Accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior today and be found worthy to escape these things and the coming demonic deception.  The strong delusion God sends will aid satan in ensnaring millions and millions of foolish people.  I had to send this out and I have no reason or rhyme as to why, except that I told the Lord that i would obey and now I am keeping my word.

       God bless you guys!  Please pay heed! You won’t be able to say you were not warned!


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