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How many pronouns does it take to save the world?

Woe be it to you . The willfully ignorant that watch the tides of change sweep over thy house and yet claim there is no water.

When I have sent you messangers warning of the vile deeds not only to come, but the ones taking place and ye shut him out.

When ye watch yet do not see. When ye listen but do not Hear!

Woe to you. Shame on you. For sooth.

Some of you know some things and some know others and this is good, but do you stop the wicked nearest you and yours?

Do you pull the abuser from the child and send him on his way?? When your temples and churches are robbed why do you reward the thief?  The robbers have already taken all that you think that you own and soon they will come for yourselves. You really think that deed is good or that title is good? Research and prove me wrong. Its not. Its not even yours, atleast in their way of thinking.

You have and yes that means YOU; have let wickedness happen in this country that was of the blessed. You have let them take you and yours for so long that thinking yourselves powerless the only time you will stop them is when they come for your guns.  That’s almost too late now. You have let the froward take and pull thinking they would stop, when inside you were warned this would only feed their greed and succor their hatred.

You have let the word be taken out of the very places you intrust your children.

You have let them poison you and yours. You have given them permission to take your breath, your blood and soon your very lives will be offered up as so much barter.

There is little good in you if you do not stop their always empty hands. They will, have and are planning for your destruction and you watch in a depressed solemnity hoping against hope that someone, anyone but you, will stand up for your great anger while the world burns around you.   In your cowardice you have forgotten that there are more of you than just yourself. You were given a mandate to love one another!

Where is your faith in this? If you love one another how can you not band together and shout “enough already!” How can you not care about your families and friends?   You were not given a spirit of fear and yet you cower in your homes as if this will save you. It will not save you for you are trying to save yourselves and not each other.

You were told to help one another not purchase your neighbors land… not watch his wife and children be assaulted.

You were given something far greater than the worthless lives they make you lead so let this encourage you to set boundaries and traditions.

What went wrong with the world you ask? What made this place so hard to deal with in almost virtually every aspect of life?

The answer to that is quite simple. What went wrong with the world? YOU DID. You let and are letting all of this take place and dear brothers and sisters of the world

You will not change if you are not scolded like little children. You let this happen, you can stand up and make it stop anytime you are willing to switch off the tv.

Anytime you pick up a bible and it reinforces the words I have written let it strengthen you and your resolve. Things will not get better if YOU do not become one of US and WE  take the Word of GOD and do something about it. We not Him or Her, but You and I. I am not saying to get armed with weapons and violence but with knowledge and resolute commitment! Many of you are not even armed with knowledge, wisdom nor even the will to put a stop to what you say you hate in this world. If you do not do something soon there won’t be a one of You left.

How many pronouns does it take to save the world? All of Them and all of Us for We are the indignant, as well as the many and We shall be heard.

God bless You all.


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