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Come quickly Lord Jesus

This is dedicated to all of my great family at www.lamurzulli.wordpress.com God Bless you guys!

The times are behind us the daybreak is showing

the chemtrails above us the jets aren’t slowing

their spraying the horizon they block out the moon

Hear me Lord Jesus please quickly come soon.

The protests the marches are growing so violent

the unbidden unwelcome starvation so silent

creeping through farms and fields everywhere

and yet there are those that dont have a care

They’ve taken our lives and modified our food

theres no evil to small for this satanic brood

they linger they wither they take our last breath

Come quickly Jesus im thirsting to death

Out comes the dawn as I look to the east

i watch them prepare for their unholy beast

they do rites in shadows they worship the sun

they laugh as they make slaves of everyone

The demons they pray to that promise them glory

laugh in the darkness at their ridiculous story

For they know the truth and they know it well

that soon theyll be burning in an eternal hell

Your servants are pleading your martyrs are dying

those orphaned and lonely from wars are all crying

The stars are all fading by the motionless moon

your faithful are pleading Lord Jesus come Soon!


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