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To all Ye shifting to all ye hailed
The message that our ships have sailed
We come with honor hands held high
To warn you that your end is nigh!
The severed ties are all undone
the many kingdoms that we have run.
The silence setting in the west
the flying ships were but a test
The over weening pride they had
they got it wrong, inside they’re bad.
We shall take them far away
no more opinions may they sway.
So pay no heed to those that preach
for tis our wisdom and place to teach.
Their prayers no longer hold resolve
but we shall teach them to evolve.

Come light worker come dark friend!
We shall show there is no end.
We have pictures we have gleaned
of their dying nazarene
Dont listen to those foolish sod’s
Did not ye know ye are all gods?
Your chakras rise within this truth
We have our own eternal youth!
Here is a gift for this fallen land
to place in head or in the hand.
So place their words back on the shelf
You are gods within yourself
Do not shiver and do not shake
that was just a small earthquake…


Comments on: "A bit of a poem and a bit of a warning…" (2)

  1. Norma Napier said:

    Keep up the good work. I love reading it.

    • Im trying but as you know its not easy. You should write some I know you have a great skill in it. I can write but it gets incoherent quickly and its hard to manage it without medication but on meds I cannot fill the spirit so I suffer, but I suffer for HIM because he suffered so much more for Me. I am worthless but thanks to HIM I am cherished!

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