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To my family

I walked with the Lord today.  It was about a 2 mile trek on the back road that runs by my house.  I talked with my Lord today.  I asked Him questions and showered him with what I hoped was enough of the praise He so richly deserves.  I ask him to tell me where to go or if I should stay.  I prayed the other day for help and an earth angel (you know who you are) sent me aid again in my time of need!  It wasn’t magic it was PRAYER!  It works!

People say “pray with me brother or let’s pray for him or her or about this or that” but do they really understand what they are doing?  I hope so.  I hope they know they are heard.  My prayers can be late in coming but come they do if it is the Lord’s great will.  You see my will is a tiny thing its about as insignificant to HIM as an anthill is to a skyscraper.  It matters not.  BUT he loves me so HE provides in the ways HE deems best.  I’ve been lax about posting the past year or so a lot of this is due to tragedy and the spiritual war I engage in.  A great part is also due to the arthritis in my hands I inherited from my great grandmother.  I have a quite a few broken fingers and crushed knuckles that haven’t healed right as I couldn’t afford to go to a doctor and the one time I did I wouldn’t wear the hand brace so my right hand is formed into a perfect cup fit for the mouse lol.  Yet I am still here.

I’m typing this today to warn my family online especially those at Lamarzulli.wordpress.com that I asked GOD yesterday to put me back in the war.  Later that night an enemy snarled in my ear (a cheap fear tactic that I slept on through) it only got through because I had not asked the Lord for the protections I usually do.  I’ve been forgetting a great deal of things of late, some say its due to the stress of losing my soulmate, while others say it could be my bi-polar/adhd condition. I know not.  I will not quit though.  I am here to warn you and them of the coming judgment.  I am warning everyone that THEY ARE not only coming but that many ARE HERE!

My dear brethren fortify yourselves and to my spiritual brothers and sisters such as TOGODBETHEGLORY and NOMEMOLESTE and ELAINE AND ROSE AND JEFF, RICHARD, SUSAN,PEGGY and last but not least LA.  Pray up guys and get ready and please warn your spouses!  Warn your friends guys!  You don’t want them here for what is to come.  Ive never seen nor had a vision or dream of the tribulation except when we were on the white horses behind the LORD on our way to stop all flesh from devastation.  What I saw there was enough.  It was an open mockery so vile ……we were eager to destroy it.  I love you GUYS! I love you brethren and I love you LORD MY GOD MY LOVE,MY LIGHT, MY LIFE!!!    GOD Bless you all!


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  1. Thank you Faithful, I pray The Lord strengthens you for the fight. I pray His peace and anointing rests upon you as you complete the work He has for you. I pray His joy is yours. Please pray for me and my family that we would grow ever closer to Him and that we would remain, as you, faithful. GOD BLESS YOU!!!

    • I will pray for you dearest. I will pray and pray. Prayer works. It might not always be what we asked for but we are always answered in one way or another. Sometimes the best prayers are the ones we didn’t get. That Garth Brooks sons “sometimes I thank GOD for unanswered prayers” is so true. GOD bless you!

  2. Thank you Faithful, I pray The Lord strengthens you for the fight, I pray His peace and anointing rests upon you as you continue the work He has for you. I pray His joy is yours. Please pray for me and my family that we would grow ever closer to Him and that we would remain, as you, faithful. GOD BLESS YOU!!!

    • You don’t know how far a comment goes until you’ve received some very nasty ones. I don’t publish the satanic ones but im glad to approve of this one. Thank you and I love you! Keep the faith its all we have and through the Lord its all we need!

    • and what a fight it is…you are in it too. Some don’t realize this. But we are all always fighting. Sometimes for our lives sometimes for our very souls. But once you take HIS hand that’s one less fight and its the biggest one you will never have to worry about. I believe in repentance however and I do it many times a day..but true repentance is hard. Thank you for coming and thank you for your kindness!

  3. toGodbetheglory said:

    I can’t wait until I get to ride on my white horse, Faithful. What an exciting and glorious day that’s going to be. It would be an honor if the Lord allowed me to ride beside you. Make sure you look behind you, that’ll be me waving at you! Keep up the good fight. Keep on doing what you’ve been doing for so long. Keep warning them. And remember, the suffering we do in this life can never be compared to the glory that will be ours. It’s the Father’s good pleasure, to give us the Kingdom. It just can’t get any better than that!

    • I have no doubts you will get one dear sis. You are too valuable to Him to not to have one. I see you shining like a beacon in a dark night. Ever comforting me pointing me upwards and when I look up I see what I should have kept my eyes on from the start. I see the kingdom of GOD around me and HIS love pouring forth upon us like the rain itself. I have no words for all you have said and done dear one. I can only say Thank You! From all my heart!

  4. Yes and Amen! Sorry for the double post. I’ve never replied before and I thought it didn’t work the first time. I have been reading LA’s blog for about a year now and am quite missing his posts. I guess it was The Lord that directed me to check your blog. Take care dear brother 🙂

  5. With Christ we are Overcomers, my brother! It’s there in His standing orders, the instructions He gave to the churches in Revelation 2 & 3.

    All through the Bible we see the examples. It’s there in the New Testament church. It’s there in the lives of the missionaries. It’s there in the the lives of the reformers. It will be there again in the ministries of the Two Witnesses. And again in the lives of the Great Multituded that comes out of Great Tribulation.

    Our Heavenly Father will not leave us in the crib like with the apostate of the churches, those that fail to repent and will not overcome! They want the easy life. They want nothing to do with the battle. They just want to fit in and have fun. So they do not walk with Christ, do not dwell in Him, in spiritual armor, and do not help Him as He’s said, “But that you do so to the least of these — you do it to me.”

    The Lord teaches our hands to war. Two of us will put 10,000 to flight. That’s because Jesus is there! Where 2 or 3 gather in His Name, He walks in their midst. No great mystery for those of us who have asked for an abundance of His Spirit. The Holy Ghost is manifest as He said — “Not by might, nor by power, but by His Spirit.”

    Through many trouble, toil, and snare, we have already come. It’s Faith that led me here so far and Faith that leads me home to Him. To Y’shua — our Messiah — who is Overcoming. Just as we talked yesterday my brother by phone. And my joy is to know that you are back in the game. Let the earth tremble at the Presence of the Lord.

    Let’s do the other dimensional war. Not the war of physical violence that so devastates and shakes the kingdoms of this world and their rulers. Our weapons are clean and pure. Cleansed by the Blood the Lamb. I tip my visor and bow my sword to Him. Our overcomings are His grace, obeying His Word, choosing His peace, practicing Truth (as He is Truth), erecting His fortress, embracing Christ’s kindness, and giving our Witness of dwelling with Him. Our choices are to yield to His Spirit, extended to us from His throne, in which He sits — One with Father. We know that the Lamb Slain sits in the midst of the Throne, for whom we are warriors and ambassadors, reconciling all who will — to Him.

    Whatever is of the rebel angels, their consorts, offspring, or proxies… be destroyed. All communications and influence they have be destroyed. Holy angels and heavenly creatures loyal to the Almighty execute His will, even now. Never let them hinder our overcomings. Let the filter be established to bring to clear decision — that those who love rebellion go with them and those that love God be with Him. Come out beloved from being friends with them. Come out from dwelling in their revels, their excess, and neglects.

    And we lay our Crowns at the feet of Jesus. And toss the flags of passing kingdoms into the Golden Censer before Him. Let wood, stubble, and hay pass instantly. And only the sweet incense rise to please Him. His Spiritual Kingdom shall never be shaken, but is established in the refiner’s fire. His Church that dwells with Him, the remnant of the generations before us, that Greater Cloud of Witnesses, His true Bride, have finished the race. Their old lives are complete. And the following generations are their fruit — born by His Spirit — carried in Him. What He has started, He will complete. Christ is the author and the finisher — the refiner of out Faith. How can we but long to be reunited with them in due time? To once again go home, when our tour of duty is ended.

    Let there be ample time for rest and recovery, my brother. Let healing have it’s perfect work. Walk in the garden with Him. And think it not strange when once again we find ourselves overcoming — not alone — but in Him.

    I’ll say more… in due course. Your words, FaithfulElect are seen and heard. Deep calls unto deep, from the depths of Christ’s Spirit.

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