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Thank you.

I’ve come a short distance of late through a great deal of prayer and fasting, temptation and failure.  I wanted those in my extended family in Christ to know that Everything you’ve done and continue to do is greatly cherished just as you are.  WE are going to get out of here and all this mess will be behind us.  I wanted to show you guys a picture of my lovely wife and myself when I was 22 and she was 29.  This is the helpmeet I Lost but the LORD gained.



This was a glamour shot taken of my beloved around 1993 when she was 28.


Its been said I craved money or attention after I Lost her but I only craved understanding and patience.  The Lord revealed to me that she is at peace and In a place I cannot reach at this time.  I wanted you all to know I Greatly Love you guys and to all my family on LaMarzulli.wordpress.com I want you guys to know that I love you.  I stand ready and cannot wait to not only be reunited in a glorified form with Donna but you guys as well.   I LOVE YOU ALL!  Praise GOD guys we’re almost out of here!!  LOVE, Michael.



All glory and Praise to my GOD that made me

that loved, protected, guided and saved me

I thank thee my Father, my love and my light

Strongest forever who can challenge thy might?

Thank thee my Father, my GOD that instilled me

that brought me through horrors that nearly killed me

I love thee my Father, my LORD and my KING

your wisdom eternal an outpouring spring

All glory and mercy to my GOD that held me

overcoming all foes that once nearly felled me

I know thee my Lord I see thee so great

an eternal wisdom in a glorified state

All thanks to thee Father my LORD that has taught me

i am not my own for a high price HE bought me

i tremble in witness at the might of thy hand

nothing in creation before thee might stand

All love to the Father that sent me and named me

Forgave all my sins and in a soft voice once shamed me

I yearn for thee Lord my love and my life

take care of me Lord while you hold close my wife

O Father my lord in the darkness you claimed me

You shall throw out the enemy that has ever defamed me

Your word will o’ercome any naysayer’s pride

Returning in glory no wicked shall hide…

Question: Why Do We Read Our Bible? What Is The Purpose?

Question: Why Do We Read Our Bible? What Is The Purpose?.