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HEED o ye sinner!

    There IS an eternal HELL.  I want to warn you of it if  I can.   Please do not be misled my friends thou art a prized possession.   GOD wants you with him but Satan wants you as well.  We are all in danger of the devil, he and his ilk are the slyest of the sly.   “There will never be another Lucifer one seeking to rise so high he fell so far.  The fairest of the fair made the  foulest of the foul.  He will promise thee power, kingdoms, power and dominion but never LOVE.  He will never offer what he himself knows nothing about nor believes in.   REPENT from his temptations and his pitfalls for they are ceaseless in their exsistence.  

     Jesus offers thee LOVE and forgiveness for ALL, everything and unconditionally so!   RUN TO HIM.  HE will answer thee if thou shalt only knock and “Behold he is at the door!”  We have fallen my people into races of degradations, peoples of intolerance, children of seduction, and harlots for adultery.   We are not what was intended, this is not ALL there is my brothers and sisters.  WE have treasures beyond compare in our mansions in heaven.   WHY are so many of us so utterly poor now?  Why does GOD promise that the meak shall inherit the earth?  Hasth no ears for hearing nor any eyes for the seeing of lusts around you?  They are everywhere and they are legion.  We are a brief flicker in time o children and we shall come forth like new babes into the promises of the Kingdom of GOD if we but ask him to be ours and forgive us our many sins and errors.  HE will always forgive, keep asking, stay as righteous my people as you can.  He is coming for us.  Oh ye Isreal wilt thou never lift up thine eyes to The Good News around you?   Say to the Lord of Hosts forgive me father for I have sinned and have come short of your glory  take me to thy bossum o Lord and hold me close. 

   The only Other alternative is Hell friends and thats your two choices.   What would anyone choose?   I pray you have even half the wit to answer that.   There is free choice, there is free will and there is freedom.   “Take what thou wilt and then pay for it.”    I love you all and hope to see you there I hope I AM!   GOD BLESS YOU ALL !        Heaven or BUST!


Time to wake up!

  Awaken o children of Isreal for thou art besieged!!  Our time has come and sadly many of us do not have our eyes and ears open to even see it as it unfolds around us.  Try to explain things and you are castigated with laughter or outright cynicism.  I cannot give up however because the alternative is to dismal to even comtemplate.  How many ways have we failed the LORD?  How many souls have neglected to save by/through ignorance or even some inner selfishness?  We are not what was intended so be not complacent in your comfort zones, because they are under imminent attack even as you read this.