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to my friends and family

seashoremary said

May 13, 2013 at 5:26 pm

I, too, would like to add my condolences, sympathy, and prayers  to Faithfulelect and his son for the loss of their beloved.

I would like to give you a nugget that the Lord laid on me when my dad passed away and went home to heaven.

Responding to my plea to “help me!” the Lord Jesus clearly spoke to my spirit: “He (my dad) fought the battle and he won the victory!”  When I heard those words, the pain in my spirit, chest, and head stopped.  In fact, when we were at the funeral home, my aunt (my dad’s only sister), took me aside and privately told me “Mary, it’s ok if you want to cry.”  I nodded at her ok, but I didn’t cry.  I told my cousin Bobby (my aunt’s son), that it wouldn’t have mattered if I wanted to cry because there was a “shield” covering me preventing me from crying.  He seemed to understand me and didn’t press me.

Days later I marveled at how I was able to get through the whole ordeal.  It was my sister, who is also a born again Christian, who gave me this scripture: “Surely He has borne our griefs And carried our sorrows” (Isiah 53:4).  It’s real, folks, but you have to ask him to “help you,” and He will.

Dear sister you said it all. I was and am still unable to weep entirely…ill start to break down and then BAM im comforted.  I cant explain it.  I want to weep though I want to as I tell my mother all the time but yet its as if the LORD won’t allow me to.  I don’t know why.

I am at a different stage now as Matt warned me of and Nome told me to be ready to overcome and that is Survivor guilt.  I am feeling (as the enemy is around me constantly now) that I brought this on us even on some of you who hurt with us.

TOGODBETHEGLORY dear sister you are my earthly rock now. You have got me through this horrible day.   I sent her a few emails on LaMarzulli.wordpress.com site on my may 6th posting’s  it was 2 days before my wife got put into the intensive care unit.  She is at this very moment helping me pull through this.

I want to desperately thank LA and PEGGY MARZULLI for all their help and everyone’s donations!  La is at the forefront of the battle.  Pray for him always.  He is the one in physical danger and it is always imminent with him.  He gave us a place to come together and for some reason the Lord keeps me there.   I know some of you follow many at a time but LA for some reason is the one GOD keeps me on.  I know why, but that’s for me.  I love you all.

I don’t know what else to say. I await his commands and HE has yet to tell me what to do.  Pray for me guys and know that I pray for us all!

ps  Nomemoleste I cannot forget you dear brother you were there on the phone for me many times and something about you grounds me and keeps me on track.  Our online family is strong so it is being tested …and tested and when we think we have overcome the real test begins!  I love you guys!  Thank you for being there!     TO the WHOLE Blog   GOD BLESS YOU ALL  and I LOVE YOU and I will be there, here or whatever if you need me!



From Michael

I cry out to thee Most High!  Though I be lowly and fallible, though I am wretched and poor, still I seek thy face.  I Shout to thee oh Lord forgive me!  I have sinned I have suffered I have fallen and lie still in the grass.  I await thee in my filthy rags Father of all things.  I cherish thee Father my Lord, my Love, My LIGHT.  For thou art with me.  In the deluge thou didst hold me tightly. When I did undergo torment you cupped me in thy hands.  Now my helpmeet is with thee but I am not alone for thou hast sent me friendship and kinship for, by and with the brethren.  We stand for thee and with thee OH LORD.

I call out to thee MY GOD oh Great One.  From the first to the last you were there.  From the beginning to the end the Word is with THEE.  I love thee My LORD,  I sing to thee with all I am and ever will be.  From all my worthless heart in front of thy majesty I fall to the floor at thy feet and beg forgiveness.  For all I should have done for all I have not done and for all I will do I ask thee Father for clemency and mercy.  Oh Most Righteous All Powerful Father I await thy command.  If I do err Father correct me and when I fall Father lift me up.  For you MY GOD are ALL.  Without thee there Is nothing nor would nothing be.  I stand with thee as thy great and holy wings cover me All Mighty GOD I trust in the Word you have sent us.  I trust in thee My LORD, MY Love, MY Light, My Life.   Praise thee Father… AMEN!


I see my Lord

I see my LORD coming riding on the wings of glory.  His righteousness shining through every fiber of my being.  His holiness pouring forth from every space.  He is coming for us.  He is on his way.  The door is still open but it will not remain so forever.

When I feel like this  (manic and just plain strange) I just have to pray and look up and with eager eyes I want to see him.  I examine the clouds or the wind moving the leaves on the trees around me.  I’ll walk and think of just how wonderful HE is.  I miss him.  I want to go back to what I saw.  Though few believe me I hold true to the Word.  I cannot tell you everything for many different reasons some my own.  I await that feeling of bliss I want it back.  He calls to us all you know.  Do you hear him?

It is like a word that just appears in your mind or a thought from nowhere interrupting or sometimes comforting you when you pray or are in need of direction.  I sin and stand ashamed in that great light.  I am filth compared to His glory, but he knows our my heart.  I try to warn but no one listens.  Those that do seem to already be walking with him.  I do not know why I was given this or what it is even …sometimes it feels like a punishment or a curse others its a comforting blessing because I know what awaits us.

I would never dare lie to you about something like this…I don’t want to even think of the chastisement i’d receive.  I don’t know how to explain what I saw or what I experienced.  I was there.  There were others too I will not say how many again for my own reasons.  They too are here now or have already passed on (about that last part I don’t know), but I know we were told we were waiting to be born.  We were not commanded to be at a certain time or anything like that but we watched man.  We watched the enemy as well.  We saw how they treated him and prayed for man’s protection.  Free will was the boundary that it seemed man was powerfully protected, but if he strayed into the enemy’s hands he could be powerfully tortured and corrupted.  I will say this much and stand firm…once we saw them and prayed to the Lord and an angel appeared and they fled …more happened but the rest I am unsure of.  I got to see the other side as well but that’s for another day.

What I’m badly trying to tell you and I hope this comforts you just a little.  It’s all real.  HE LIVES.  We would ask about different things and say it was not meant for us because it was not the time…or it was meant for mankind.  Man is GOD’s cherished creation.  All the hidden things that seemed greater there were only meant for man.  I cannot explain it but I was told this.  I saw this strange library it seemed small but the books were big and held great things of importance.  An angel stood in white robes and I asked him about some of the books I had not read.  “They are for and about man and they are sealed,” was all I remember.  I will take any kind of lie detector or psych tests you wish. I will take polygraphs.  I will give you my home phone number and address.  WHY?  Because YOU are AWAITED UPON.   YOU ARE WANTED.

And now dear friends…dear brothers and sisters…dear family…YOU WERE WARNED.  You have no excuse.  The Lord Jesus Christ died for you and he arose to come and claim you from the bonds of death that was your struggle.  You are priceless to him.  I remember when we would get angry at man’s deeds and GOD would always forgive them no matter what.  I stood astounded.  GOD loves you.  Why else do you breathe, dream, sing, and shout?  It is all For His Glory.      Don’t wait any longer.   You don’t want to be here for what is coming upon the earth.  I love you but HE loves you far more.   GOD BLESS YOU!

To my family

I walked with the Lord today.  It was about a 2 mile trek on the back road that runs by my house.  I talked with my Lord today.  I asked Him questions and showered him with what I hoped was enough of the praise He so richly deserves.  I ask him to tell me where to go or if I should stay.  I prayed the other day for help and an earth angel (you know who you are) sent me aid again in my time of need!  It wasn’t magic it was PRAYER!  It works!

People say “pray with me brother or let’s pray for him or her or about this or that” but do they really understand what they are doing?  I hope so.  I hope they know they are heard.  My prayers can be late in coming but come they do if it is the Lord’s great will.  You see my will is a tiny thing its about as insignificant to HIM as an anthill is to a skyscraper.  It matters not.  BUT he loves me so HE provides in the ways HE deems best.  I’ve been lax about posting the past year or so a lot of this is due to tragedy and the spiritual war I engage in.  A great part is also due to the arthritis in my hands I inherited from my great grandmother.  I have a quite a few broken fingers and crushed knuckles that haven’t healed right as I couldn’t afford to go to a doctor and the one time I did I wouldn’t wear the hand brace so my right hand is formed into a perfect cup fit for the mouse lol.  Yet I am still here.

I’m typing this today to warn my family online especially those at Lamarzulli.wordpress.com that I asked GOD yesterday to put me back in the war.  Later that night an enemy snarled in my ear (a cheap fear tactic that I slept on through) it only got through because I had not asked the Lord for the protections I usually do.  I’ve been forgetting a great deal of things of late, some say its due to the stress of losing my soulmate, while others say it could be my bi-polar/adhd condition. I know not.  I will not quit though.  I am here to warn you and them of the coming judgment.  I am warning everyone that THEY ARE not only coming but that many ARE HERE!

My dear brethren fortify yourselves and to my spiritual brothers and sisters such as TOGODBETHEGLORY and NOMEMOLESTE and ELAINE AND ROSE AND JEFF, RICHARD, SUSAN,PEGGY and last but not least LA.  Pray up guys and get ready and please warn your spouses!  Warn your friends guys!  You don’t want them here for what is to come.  Ive never seen nor had a vision or dream of the tribulation except when we were on the white horses behind the LORD on our way to stop all flesh from devastation.  What I saw there was enough.  It was an open mockery so vile ……we were eager to destroy it.  I love you GUYS! I love you brethren and I love you LORD MY GOD MY LOVE,MY LIGHT, MY LIFE!!!    GOD Bless you all!