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Archive for October, 2010

Faith is like a fact.

   Faith is like a fact in a way.  We are certain of this fact until someone points out enough times that this fact has errors in it.  So we change our faith in this fact to suit others opinions and our faith is thus lessened in not only our eyes but in God’s as well.  What we need to do to insure our faith is to never doubt it, to never change our belief in the tenets that GOD has set before us.  Faith is a very precious and fragile thing and yet at the same time it can be stronger than any steel.  Faith can negotiate through any man made system and with enough faith one can overcome insurmountable odds.  I think we need more faith in our lives.  Remember that god spared not the sinning first son’s of heaven because they needed no faith as we do.  Remember how precious we are to God and know that we are choses by him to recieve great rewards in heaven if we just live by the faith in him that he wants us to, we are guaranteed great things in Heaven.  God bless you all!


thanks to the watchmen on the wall

   I would like to thank the watchmen in our respective societies for keeping a lookout for those of us either not as informed, or as diligent as they are.  They are an effective early warning system in our midst and they deserver a big thumbs up.   I want everyone to know that we are not crazy and that there are many groups out there actively trying to destroy your salvation.  Now that’s a bit worse than the economy, the state of your luxury or the very freedoms you enjoy on an individual level.  Let me say this as plain as I can.  There are People, Groups, Religions, that are actively and in some cases even KNOWINGLY trying to insure your place along side them in everlasting Hell!!!

  I want to warn you that there are many ways to Christ within their ranks, atleast according to their version of things, but there are not many ways there is ONE way.  The ONLY way, which is to accept him as your lord and savior!  Honor the ten commandments and keep them!  Please I dont type this for my future I do it for those that do not know any better and are unsure of what or how to do it.  Please come to the LORD with your questions and he will answer them.  GOD Bless you all!!