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From Michael

I cry out to thee Most High!  Though I be lowly and fallible, though I am wretched and poor, still I seek thy face.  I Shout to thee oh Lord forgive me!  I have sinned I have suffered I have fallen and lie still in the grass.  I await thee in my filthy rags Father of all things.  I cherish thee Father my Lord, my Love, My LIGHT.  For thou art with me.  In the deluge thou didst hold me tightly. When I did undergo torment you cupped me in thy hands.  Now my helpmeet is with thee but I am not alone for thou hast sent me friendship and kinship for, by and with the brethren.  We stand for thee and with thee OH LORD.

I call out to thee MY GOD oh Great One.  From the first to the last you were there.  From the beginning to the end the Word is with THEE.  I love thee My LORD,  I sing to thee with all I am and ever will be.  From all my worthless heart in front of thy majesty I fall to the floor at thy feet and beg forgiveness.  For all I should have done for all I have not done and for all I will do I ask thee Father for clemency and mercy.  Oh Most Righteous All Powerful Father I await thy command.  If I do err Father correct me and when I fall Father lift me up.  For you MY GOD are ALL.  Without thee there Is nothing nor would nothing be.  I stand with thee as thy great and holy wings cover me All Mighty GOD I trust in the Word you have sent us.  I trust in thee My LORD, MY Love, MY Light, My Life.   Praise thee Father… AMEN!



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  1. Yes we praise Thee dear Father, Our Lord, Our love, Our Light, Our Life. Receive our praise to Thee, dear Father, humbly offered with all of our hearts. We thank Thee dear Father, for our precious brother, Thy son Michael. We ask that you put your arms around Him now, and comfort His heart as only you can. No one else can bring this healing to his broken heart. You alone are God.

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