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The cup of righteous judgement.

    There is a symbolic cup in the heavens representing God’s rising anger at the ever increasing sin and blaspemy permeating upon this world daily.  It is added to constantly and soon it will overflow releasing the final judgement of God’s fury and indignation to all.   Every time a child is killed in its mother’s womb another drop falls in God’s chalice.  Every time someone denies the Son whom God sent to us to save us from sin, this cup gets a little more full.   Every time a family is put out on the street for failing to pay ever rising costs and taxes they can longer afford.  Every time a man cheats on his wife or she on him, another splash in the cup.  Every time a preacher praises coin instead of the King, every time a man sits in judgement refusing to help those so desperately in need. 

  God is watching all things on this earth, his eyes are all knowing and all seeing and even his mighty patience has limits.  So when you see Christians getting killed for turning from their heathenistic religions and getting burnt alive after watching their families raped and killed youll hear another splash hitting the righteous fury of God’s anger.  When you see poor men and women with their hands out on the street and you calmly pass them by, when you were told by God to stop and help someone disabled and you didn’t listen, when you were told to forgive and forget and you only hated all the more.  The cup ever grows full.   Every time you hear of a new religion forming, every time you hear a new and different gospel, every time you let someone mock the name of JESUS!   We are running a race dear people and this race seems to be who can put the final drop in the cup of Judgement before it spills over.  REPENT! Do not wait do it now!    THE CUP IS BRIMMING OVER!

           GOD BLESS YOU ALL!!!


In the Warring Darkness

   We are here to insure each other.  Period.  We are here to love and worship God and help our fellow brothers and sisters do the same.  WE the children of God are the inheritors to His kingdom, not some political body shouting change.  We are the ones who will be called to answer for the seeds we have sown.  It wont be acceptable nor allowed to blame the devil at the throne of God for your limitless wickedness.  You wont be able to say well my mother never taught me how to do that or my father wasnt around to teach me the right things in life.  You have the word of God before you my brother.  It has been bound, sealed and sanctified that you be shown the right path to reach him.  Tell others that you are saved by letting them see the light of God and the works of Jesus in your life.  Simply saying “Change!” will not impress upon your lost friends and loved ones that they should.  They need to know that they can !  Spread the living word of God by imparting to all that you are proof in the pudding of THE change Jesus can bestow upon the unrighteous.  We have a fight ahead of us my friends, we are in a for a world of sorrows if we are not ready and simply fortifying your strongholds will not be enough to save you…  Get the protection of Christ today!   Race to defend him and his word.  HE died for you.  Will you not do the same?   God bless you all!

That old time religion

     I sometimes believe the Lord made me bipolar for a reason.  I dont sleep that much so thats just more time Im awake studying God’s word or learning more about verses in the bible I do not understand.  The lack of sleep is from the manic side to my bipolar condition and let me tell you when I get manic I make a hyperactive 3 year old a quiet companion in comparison.  I sometimes get down or depressed but mostly I stay locked into the manic side, but when I do get down (and lately I have been), I just take it to the Lord.  I listen to uplifting songs or videos or just pray that the Father will uplift me.   One of my favorite religious songs of all time is Where Could I Go?  If you haven’t heard this song request your church to sing it or have your choir learn it, or just listen on youtube to Elvis’s rendition, he has a choir behind him and it is highy inspirational.  

        Praise God for the glory he reveals that jerks my humble spirit off the ground, giving me the energy to send this message out to all of you that may wander across it.  Remember my brothers and sisters (for we are all God’s children), when you are lonely, when you are down and out; just take it to the Lord in prayer.   He is always with you just ask him to let you walk a little closer to his side and immediately you will.  Your wayward and forlorn spirit will be uplifted for he has never left you, you just forgot to look around and see him standing to your left or upon your right.  I think the best time to search him out is when you are totaly overcome with misery and despair and you look for God and cannot find him at all.  For that is the time when your eyes were utterly shut, completely immersed in the gloom of this world.   That is just like the poem says “Where where you Lord?  I really needed you and I saw only my own footprints in the sand when all along you had walked beside me, but when I needed you most you were nowhere to be found.”  Jesus then replies, “My child those footprints you saw were not your own they were mine, for it was I that was carrying you at the time.”  Hallelujah!!!

    PRAISE GOD!!!   Let us all remember he’s not just there to watch and listen, he will actually carry us through our desperation and our utter immersion into self pity or realized disaster!    GOD BLESS YOU ALL!!

Now we come to it…

    So many are trying to pin a date on Christ’s appearance for the rapture when even he himself admits that only the father knows, so why do they fret and worry?  It is good that man wants to be with his God as soon as possible, but those seeking after God’s sudden appearance seem to overlook the very reason it has not happened yet.   The LOST.   God wants his children with him and he wants us out there getting those bound by Satan freed from the shackles of their sin.  We yes thats right WE, are the ones to be on the front lines, carrying our crosses for the Lord who carried his FOR US ALL!  So lets get out there or on here and spread the GOOD NEWS, that Jesus Christ has RISEN and is coming for us.   Let’s not get so caught up in the trials and trepidations of prediction and forecasting the actions of God, instead let us praise him and be a light unto others so that they in turn might find the redemption that was so eagerly granted to us.  The Divine Mercy of God is awe-inspiring and it makes me tremble to know how unworthy I am to receive it, yet receive it I have and to repay such a great gift I want to insure that others of our brothers and sisters retain God’s grace as well.  Let us not worry over when the rapture cometh, only look forward to the simple fact that it comes.   Work out your salvation with much fear and trembling and Know that you are among the Beloved.

I thirst for thee o LORD!

   This is a time of ultimate challenge, or doubt and despair and of repentance and redemption. We are all together on this planet yet every person’s faith and cross to bear are their own burdens, just as every step you have taken leads you to your own final destination. Will this be a transition to enlightenment? Illumination? A greater sense of self? I know the many theorems and hypothesis that are promulgated to not only the youth of our time but to each of us no matter our own desperate and sometimes lonely friends no matter their years. We are told we can reach truth and light by giving gifts of money. We are provoked to reach understanding by giving tithes of our valuable commodity of time. 

        Yet, how many paths to salvation were already given to us without us having to do anything in return? Shall we invest ourselves in humanity and thus loose all ties to the spirit or shall we promote those who decieve and use guile and trickery, even torment to gain our trust? If I were to say the easy road is to deny the spirit and do what you will and then I shall be in the majority, but nay there are consequences for what we do to not only one another but our own selves as well…

        Try faith; its far from easy, and it can be one of the most difficult things to imagine: putting your trust in a God you cannot see or believing that he would send his only son to die just in order so that you might live. There are too many half-truths and false promises in every other school of thought that I personally have encountered and I am sure you yourselves have witnessed the veritable buffet of religions/ideas that are out there attempting to mislead you.

        Jesus Christ will not force himself upon you nor will he tell you things that are false. He has his arms open for thee, welcoming you home to the place he has prepared. What others offer you paradise? Judge them by their works and deeds and know therein the difference in a true savior and an empty promise. I will walk with thee he said and when the road gets to harsh I will carry thee. Please tell me another religion another messiah that comes close to that!!! He will ask you to embrace him so that when you die you shall not be forgotten. Please dont turn him away now so that you wont be turned away after your death. Embrace him now and embrace eternal life with the Father and Son. Please think about it. What have you got to loose? Are things so great now that eternity cant possibly matter? Are you so wise and sure in that wisdom that there can be no doubts that there is no resurrection? Will you come to the lord humbly or will you scream for him in abject sorrow when it is too late for him to help you?

As it was written…

    I’ve done a lot of prayer the past few days and came upon this prophetic verse from 2 Peter 2:1   It is about the danger of False Teachers.   1.  BUT there were false prophets also among the people, even as there shall be false teachers among you, who privily shall bring in damnable heresies, even denying the Lord that bought them, and bring upon themselves swift destruction.  2.  And many shall follow their pernicious ways; by reason of whom the way of truth shall be evil spoken of.   3.  And through covetousness shall they with feigned words make merchandise of you: whose judgement now of a long time lingereth not, and their damnation slumbereth not.  4.  For if God spared not the angels that sinned, but cast them down to hell, and delivered them into chains of darkness, to be reserved unto judgement.  

   This is a very telling passage.  It warns us of the evils in our own times (both present and future) of the many deceptive tactics that the ancient enemy employ(s) against us continually.  We are warned that even angels are spared not of the wrath of God and that they too have the ability to sin.  Verse 9 of the same chapter is our light at the end of the tunnel however;  as it goes on to say, “The Lord knoweth how to deliver the godly out of temptations, and to reserve the unjust unto the day of judgement to be punished.   The rest of the chapters go on to speak of the mockery that will arise directed at the Lord in the last days and the Manifestation of the Day of the Lord.  It explains to us in our impatience for Jesus Christ’s return that he is being extra patient and withholding his wrath so that we can spread his Love and the Good News to all those that we can.  He wants us all there with him!!!  I pray that you will be and I pray for us all in the time of troubles to come.  God Bless you all.

Be not afraid.

   When you see the world and its many evils be not afraid.  When you see the powerful and those corrupted with fear and trembling of what may happen, do not worry.  God has your back.   He is the the supreme authority.  When you are threatened or coerced into repenting from the flock or when others say they shall take thy life, be not Troubled.  God smiles upon you, saying that this shall not be so.  You are of a divine and princely kingdom that knows no fear or death.   This faith is your protection, it is your shield.  God has thee in his hands friend, and God is Love.    So spread the word of his coming, and of the salvation through his Son, Jesus Christ that died so that we might live.   For by his death we found forgiveness and the awe-inspiring truth.  We are all redeemable. Yes ALL!  The story put about that we are not is a lie as are the lies that will follow when the church is called up on high to be with the Lord.   

       The theosophists will say to thee “they have transcended”.  The unbelievers will deny “that the raptured were ever here”.   I do not know for certain that or how, the alien phenemona will be used against us, but from all that I have researched I wouldn’t doubt it in the slightest.   Yet there is one last hope for thee after those that were called up are gone.  Do not take the devil’s last resort of making you worship him, nor whatever “mark” he makes laws for, so that you should be tortured or killed by refusing it.   When a world leader suddenly appears claiming to have all the knowledge and understanding of the troubles in the world..believe him not for he is the beast.  He seeks to guile you with cunning and false knowledge, but eventually, his true nature will reveal that he is a force that worships his own image only.  He will give you many miracles and they will seem divine, yet deep down you will feel that they are false or illusion/trickery.  His hope, indeed his very mission;  is take you with him to a hell that he is already fated to inhabit.  He does not want to be there Alone.

      If you do not know the Lord now, research and/or ask.  He has placed many witnesses all over the world that are just waiting to give their testimony unto you.  Or better yet, with a pure heart ask Jesus for what better way than to appeal directly to the source?  You see my friends it is a strange connundrum you find yourselves facing, one in which you have everything to loose or everything to gain!  What other faith offers this?  What other book was written by so many different authors in so many differing times and locations, yet has traversed unmarrable in its truth and prophetic wisdom.  The bible is the only book that has never been wrong.  Test that out for yourself and be prepared to become astounded and amazed.

       The bible is the only book that speaks about events of the past and future without error.  So if a source unnerringly correct admonishes you to,  “Accept the Lord Jesus Christ and be saved, or reject him and perish forever” it would be wise to pay heed.   I have nothing to loose by typing this and I feel I have been led down a path beyond my understanding in doing so, but I want everyone there in the peace of God’s grace and joy.  When the Devil appears he will offer you answers but he will impart only perdition and flames.   Run dont walk to GOD!   He is coming my brethren, I do not pretend to know a date but it is soon, indeed as the bible warns us, “He is already at the door.”  God Bless you all.