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A bit of a poem and a bit of a warning…

To all Ye shifting to all ye hailed
The message that our ships have sailed
We come with honor hands held high
To warn you that your end is nigh!
The severed ties are all undone
the many kingdoms that we have run.
The silence setting in the west
the flying ships were but a test
The over weening pride they had
they got it wrong, inside they’re bad.
We shall take them far away
no more opinions may they sway.
So pay no heed to those that preach
for tis our wisdom and place to teach.
Their prayers no longer hold resolve
but we shall teach them to evolve.

Come light worker come dark friend!
We shall show there is no end.
We have pictures we have gleaned
of their dying nazarene
Dont listen to those foolish sod’s
Did not ye know ye are all gods?
Your chakras rise within this truth
We have our own eternal youth!
Here is a gift for this fallen land
to place in head or in the hand.
So place their words back on the shelf
You are gods within yourself
Do not shiver and do not shake
that was just a small earthquake…


Come quickly Lord Jesus

This is dedicated to all of my great family at www.lamurzulli.wordpress.com God Bless you guys!

The times are behind us the daybreak is showing

the chemtrails above us the jets aren’t slowing

their spraying the horizon they block out the moon

Hear me Lord Jesus please quickly come soon.

The protests the marches are growing so violent

the unbidden unwelcome starvation so silent

creeping through farms and fields everywhere

and yet there are those that dont have a care

They’ve taken our lives and modified our food

theres no evil to small for this satanic brood

they linger they wither they take our last breath

Come quickly Jesus im thirsting to death

Out comes the dawn as I look to the east

i watch them prepare for their unholy beast

they do rites in shadows they worship the sun

they laugh as they make slaves of everyone

The demons they pray to that promise them glory

laugh in the darkness at their ridiculous story

For they know the truth and they know it well

that soon theyll be burning in an eternal hell

Your servants are pleading your martyrs are dying

those orphaned and lonely from wars are all crying

The stars are all fading by the motionless moon

your faithful are pleading Lord Jesus come Soon!

How many pronouns does it take to save the world?

How many pronouns does it take to save the world?

Woe be it to you . The willfully ignorant that watch the tides of change sweep over thy house and yet claim there is no water.

When I have sent you messangers warning of the vile deeds not only to come, but the ones taking place and ye shut him out.

When ye watch yet do not see. When ye listen but do not Hear!

Woe to you. Shame on you. For sooth.

Some of you know some things and some know others and this is good, but do you stop the wicked nearest you and yours?

Do you pull the abuser from the child and send him on his way?? When your temples and churches are robbed why do you reward the thief?  The robbers have already taken all that you think that you own and soon they will come for yourselves. You really think that deed is good or that title is good? Research and prove me wrong. Its not. Its not even yours, atleast in their way of thinking.

You have and yes that means YOU; have let wickedness happen in this country that was of the blessed. You have let them take you and yours for so long that thinking yourselves powerless the only time you will stop them is when they come for your guns.  That’s almost too late now. You have let the froward take and pull thinking they would stop, when inside you were warned this would only feed their greed and succor their hatred.

You have let the word be taken out of the very places you intrust your children.

You have let them poison you and yours. You have given them permission to take your breath, your blood and soon your very lives will be offered up as so much barter.

There is little good in you if you do not stop their always empty hands. They will, have and are planning for your destruction and you watch in a depressed solemnity hoping against hope that someone, anyone but you, will stand up for your great anger while the world burns around you.   In your cowardice you have forgotten that there are more of you than just yourself. You were given a mandate to love one another!

Where is your faith in this? If you love one another how can you not band together and shout “enough already!” How can you not care about your families and friends?   You were not given a spirit of fear and yet you cower in your homes as if this will save you. It will not save you for you are trying to save yourselves and not each other.

You were told to help one another not purchase your neighbors land… not watch his wife and children be assaulted.

You were given something far greater than the worthless lives they make you lead so let this encourage you to set boundaries and traditions.

What went wrong with the world you ask? What made this place so hard to deal with in almost virtually every aspect of life?

The answer to that is quite simple. What went wrong with the world? YOU DID. You let and are letting all of this take place and dear brothers and sisters of the world

You will not change if you are not scolded like little children. You let this happen, you can stand up and make it stop anytime you are willing to switch off the tv.

Anytime you pick up a bible and it reinforces the words I have written let it strengthen you and your resolve. Things will not get better if YOU do not become one of US and WE  take the Word of GOD and do something about it. We not Him or Her, but You and I. I am not saying to get armed with weapons and violence but with knowledge and resolute commitment! Many of you are not even armed with knowledge, wisdom nor even the will to put a stop to what you say you hate in this world. If you do not do something soon there won’t be a one of You left.

How many pronouns does it take to save the world? All of Them and all of Us for We are the indignant, as well as the many and We shall be heard.

God bless You all.

To all of my jewish friends ive never known

  I’ve yet to meet a jewish person.  Thats not really very strange considering where i live in the boonies, but in a way it is a sad state that though I have traveled all over the world, I have yet to meet a Jew.   This is kind of strange but the Lord woke me up with a message for all of you that have not taken Jesus Christ as Lord.  I’ve had this flash in my head all day and since I know of no other way to say it I am just going to say it.  

  Soon we will be leaving this world.   Jesus is coming back for his true “church” and not the rites and rituals that man has made for him.  He wants as many of you that will embrace him to come as well.  I hope somehow this message reaches a few of you atleast.  I hope it makes you consider that the Lord died there for you and yet you still do not recognize him.  Please do not go through the tribulation when the whole world shall be tested.  Do not go through the great time of Jacob’s trouble if you do not need to.  Accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior today and be found worthy to escape these things and the coming demonic deception.  The strong delusion God sends will aid satan in ensnaring millions and millions of foolish people.  I had to send this out and I have no reason or rhyme as to why, except that I told the Lord that i would obey and now I am keeping my word.

       God bless you guys!  Please pay heed! You won’t be able to say you were not warned!

Thanks for the help!

  To whomever cared enough to send me the “care package”, please know you have my eternal gratitude and know that you have earned your reward.  I am deeply sorry but I could not accept it, so I am sending it back to you with love and a smile.  I hope it comes in handy in those “lonely” hours of the night and I hope it relays to you its true joys at the sad parting…   I think you will have many fun filled days ahead! 8)

   Now to the true news.  The news that matters.  The news about your soul.    Ok I just stumbled across some of those “light worker” messages floating around from blossom goodchild and after her deep embarassment, I felt happy.  Not for her shame or the humiliation that the poor lady suffered, but I am ecstatic that she is no longer messing around with the  federation of deceit.  Please guys read between the lines in her last reply and theirs.  They come out and say they don’t care.  They come out and say “get over it”.  They know where your home is.  They know where they want their home to be as well.  YOUR SOUL!

   It’s so sad that so many people have fallen for this stuff.  They have been caught in lie after lie and make broken promises galore, yet they now don’t bother with excuses.  You know what I think might have happened.  God would not let them come or and this might even be worse for the new age crowd, they didn’t intend to come.  They sat back and fed off all the “negative energies” that their no-show caused and fed off the poor people’s sorrow and despair.

  Guys please…you’re smarter than this.   You won’t let your sisters and brothers treat you as you let these things do you.  Do you have no pride?  They are right when they say a few things though and they only say them because they know they have deluded your poor minds enough that they can get away with it.  Seek and ye shall find, for instance.  They quoted straight from the Bible there and what they are not saying is the what that passage infers.  If you seek the truth you will find the truth, but you are seeking light from a fallen star.  It is therefore a false light.  It is a deception.  Wake the heck up !!  These things are going to eat you alive.  Research for yourself dont just take the new age spiel.  They only quote from their own sources.  Do your own soul searching!  

God bless and protect you all and remember I and others are here if you have questions!  Read the bible ask about ANYTHING in it!

prayer??? You’re praying? Really, but why???

   Lo!  Look and listen.  Leer and learn!  Loathe and lavish, but dare ye not pray! 

Harken and hear.  Hurry and hasten.  Hurt and harass, but dare ye not repent!

Chastise and compare.  Cherish and cheer!  Curse and care less but do not go to God in prayer!!!

Laugh aloud and forget.  Smirk or you may smile .  Sample even slurp you slovenly, you slob. 

Shall we or shant we?  Consider or chide?  Caress or crush?  But Prayer???  LOL prayer??

Why do prayer?  I mean whats it gotten you?  Has it ever healed the sick?  Has it ever driven forth legions of demented demons from the possessed?   Come on guys!  Prayer?  You do that stuff ?  You pray inwardly to God?  HA!  I bet some of you even pray aloud!!

Next you will say you have prayed for blessings and recieved them or that you have prayed for some lost soul to find his salvation.  You will write on here that you prayed for your son or daughter, your sister or your brother to find Jesus and they actually did.  Prayer??  Of all the things that you could be doing with your time you choose this thing to do?    I wonder if you some one out there is praying in repentance at this very moment?  Or wait better yet…they’re praying that the drunken man doesn’t get into his old car and plow into a school bus full of kids today.  

Prayer what exactly is it anyways?  Are we to ask God for something in public and expect him to respond or even listen?    

   These are the thoughts of the wicked.  These are the things of the devil.  RUN children run to GOD in prayer.  Let them arrest you for carrying a bible to school when books on wicca or the satanic bible are allowed.  Let them chastise you with their laughter for tis you that God has promised will laugh last.  It’s quite simple really I believe in God and I know for fact and through faith, that he sent his only son to DIE for even my sorry self.  Yes you bet I’ll pray and because a judge has made such acts illegal I will pray for him TOO!

   Praise GOD! Praise the Lord! He is worthy of it trust me!!  And one day soon he’s going to show you how worthy and on that day you will know your own worth.  Prayer???   I feel like young Oliver Twist, except my stomach isnt empty… my life is and instead of holding out an empty bowl ill put my two hands together and fall down on my knees and say Please Sir, My Father, My God- Can I Have Some More?    God bless you !