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Be of Good Cheer!

    I have been worrying a great deal the past two days and I was in a deep dark depression that left me almost immobile.  I spread my fears to my family, myself and basically for naught.  I found that it mattered little what I worried over.  No matter the darkness or the depths of the night I have those everlasting arms of the Lord to lean on and lead me through this ugly world.   I felt a peace come over me this morning and wanted to share with whoever comes across this blog the loving tender emotion that overcame me.

    Be of good cheer!  The jaws of death surround thee and warn of great doom.  The black murkiness of impending death encamp around all that you hold dear.  The workings of great men and their manipulations pull at all those things you love.   They are of no consequence for the Lord has claimed thee.  The divine glory of heaven await you with open arms of love and contentment.  For were we not warned that we were not promised happiness and endearment to this world?  Has the Lord not spoken regarding the foolish things men seek to bring about to spite his great plan?

    We are not given to the spirit of fear my beloved!  Though it has enshrouded and folded itself upon you like a cold blanket do not despair!  Hold firm in your beliefs that you are cherished and anticipated with great love and warmth.  When you see the hidden hand move its pieces upon the land remember the derision placed upon them by the Lord Eternal!   We shall overcome not in this life but in the next.  Smile and laugh, dance and sing, for we are a promise that was given ages ago.  WE  are welcomed.  We are Wanted.  And it is We that will laugh and sing forever!!!       God bless you.


To the fallen that keep falling.

    Why hasth thou forsaken the light?  Were you so splendid you thought yourself above it?  Were you swayed or seduced away from the God that made thee?

    And after thy fall and thy just punishment.  You claim to be victims and treated too harshly, yet you condemn yourselves constantly with your incessantly evil intentions.  You lead away others that have hope and condemn them to thy own abode as if you had just cause.  You creep in the darkness like serpents into the bedroom of small children and the unwary, feeding off their fear as if it were your divine right to do so.

    Where is thy pride?  Where is thy remorse or do you know no regret at all?   The sting of thy presence is a small thing when compared to the punishments of thy work.  You dare challenge the will of God even knowing his face and his anger?    Do you so delight in the misfortunes of others?  You must as you never fail to create more of them.  Even hating thyself and thy compatriots you share with them the details of mortals, hoping to entrap and imprison them within the fiery chains that shall claim thee.

   I know this does no good and I know that you will not change.  But if thou art as wise as you claim, will you not look at yourself even once?  Or is that too terrible for even thee to contemplate.

     Repent Oh ye sinner!  Do not fall into the clutches of these foul fiends.  They do not love thee nor can they.  They seek only adoration and worship and thy destruction.  Come to the Lord Jesus Christ.  He died for you, me and the world.  Let that not be in vain.  Do not look up into the heavens from the furnaces of hell screaming for mercy when there is none to be had.  Repent and come to the Lord now while you are alive and able to do so.  Time waits for no man and death knows no hour.    I love you, but I would not die for you.  He knew you before the world was made and died for your sins before you even committed them.  Do not let these nasty, disgusting, loathsome beasts from hell have a claim upon thy soul.  Pray, repent and spread the GOOD NEWS>  that Jesus died for your sins and made you whole.  

     GOD bless you all!!!

Debunking the debunkers

    There is a God and yes there is his son Jesus.  Those saying there is not are just lying to themselves out of ignorance or worse pure malice.  You cannot look around you and say there is no God because of all the many wonders surrounding this world, both in it and outside of it.

   Since they cannot say there wasn’t a Jesus Christ that walked the earth, because it is documented far too well in many historical documents from that era that there was, they try to debunk him.  They say well there was a Jesus but he was just a great man or a wise teacher even a prophet but that is all.  Well let me you sisters and brothers the Jesus Christ that I know and love and the very Jesus Christ that died for even the unbelievers as well as the faithful lived and lives now.  He is returning for those that love him and to judge those that do not. 

   You can say, (and I’ve seen this a lot recently) that well since I am unsure about Jesus or the devil, I will just continue what I am doing and since I am a good person it will all be okay.  WRONG!  Jesus clearly stated that “Those who are not for me are against me.”  That is the truth of the matter and I want to warn you not to be one of those on the fence.  Because when it boils down to it there is no fence!

    Come to Jesus today friends.  I don’t know you but I do love you and I want you to be beside me when God comes back to rule the earth.  There will be great rejoicing and everlasting content for his people, but there will be wailing and gnashing of teeth in the burning pits of hell forever for those that war against him.

    I can be a real jerk but I try and live right and do the best I can to get by.  GOD always makes sure that I get by and he will certainly take care of you as well.  But understand I am no fence sitter I proclaimed Jesus as my lord back in 1985 and I never looked back.  Please for the love of God, humble yourself and accept him as your savior.  If you come to him with an earnest heart you will be saved I promise with all my heart and soul this is true.  once you do this you will feel like a new person trust me!  Try it and see!  If not come on here and curse me out.  I make that wager with you and the stakes are the highest and most expensive gamble that you will ever make.  The stakes are for your very soul. 

           God Bless you all!  I love you guys but Jesus loves you sooo much more!

All praise the Lord thy God!

   Praise thee Father for thy great mercy.  You have shown us love and compassion when we were not worthy.  You have allowed us to grow apart in order that way might in your great wisdom come together.  There is more to thee Oh GOD than any utterance from my mouth will ever admit and there is comfort whenever we come to thee in prayer.

    Dear God bless us and keep us, love us and shelter us as the foes of men come with hate and envy to steal us away.  Hold us firm within thee dear God and never let us slip from thy loving grasp.  I am a weak sinner my Lord and I am prideful and fallen.  Forgive me Father for I sin daily and sometimes I seek not to repent, but in vain pride I go about my days without thee.   Stand with us oh LORD as the torments near more than we can bear as they seek to conquer your servants and the kingdoms you have created.

     Praise thee God the most High!  The giver of life and creator of all things. whose beauty outshines the sun.  Thy majesty and greatness are beyond compare and the pure love that thou doesth send is above all things.  Thou art the most Holy my GOD and thou art forever.  Keep us safe within thee my GOD and bless and bring those that stray from thy word back within thy hand.   Let us sing a song of Glory to the Savior and Father and the great comforter that uplifts us when we fall.  Praise the hosts of heaven, may they help the little children when they shiver in the deep watches of the night.

    Thank thee Oh God my GOD thou art eternal and thou art MY LORD!

How about some good ole fashioned worship of the LORD?

I love to talk to my GOD and even though I feel he doesn’t answer me nearly enough as he should, he does always answer me.  It comes in ways I sometimes think are too long, but answer he does.  He uplitfts me and tells me that I am part of his plan and brother let me tell you.  SO are you!  We all need to  get down on our knees and thank GOD that he loves us and deems us worthy.  Exhalt him and praise him because he is definitely worthier than we!  Thank you GOD for your mercy upon my poor life and thank you for loving me when I was beyond loving.  When mortal man cast me out, dear Lord you took me in!   Praise Jesus!  Praise GOD!