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    Why hasth thou forsaken the light?  Were you so splendid you thought yourself above it?  Were you swayed or seduced away from the God that made thee?

    And after thy fall and thy just punishment.  You claim to be victims and treated too harshly, yet you condemn yourselves constantly with your incessantly evil intentions.  You lead away others that have hope and condemn them to thy own abode as if you had just cause.  You creep in the darkness like serpents into the bedroom of small children and the unwary, feeding off their fear as if it were your divine right to do so.

    Where is thy pride?  Where is thy remorse or do you know no regret at all?   The sting of thy presence is a small thing when compared to the punishments of thy work.  You dare challenge the will of God even knowing his face and his anger?    Do you so delight in the misfortunes of others?  You must as you never fail to create more of them.  Even hating thyself and thy compatriots you share with them the details of mortals, hoping to entrap and imprison them within the fiery chains that shall claim thee.

   I know this does no good and I know that you will not change.  But if thou art as wise as you claim, will you not look at yourself even once?  Or is that too terrible for even thee to contemplate.

     Repent Oh ye sinner!  Do not fall into the clutches of these foul fiends.  They do not love thee nor can they.  They seek only adoration and worship and thy destruction.  Come to the Lord Jesus Christ.  He died for you, me and the world.  Let that not be in vain.  Do not look up into the heavens from the furnaces of hell screaming for mercy when there is none to be had.  Repent and come to the Lord now while you are alive and able to do so.  Time waits for no man and death knows no hour.    I love you, but I would not die for you.  He knew you before the world was made and died for your sins before you even committed them.  Do not let these nasty, disgusting, loathsome beasts from hell have a claim upon thy soul.  Pray, repent and spread the GOOD NEWS>  that Jesus died for your sins and made you whole.  

     GOD bless you all!!!


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