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A prophecy for the NWO

    This video was made by a sweet lady trying to wake those up out there that conveniently have chosen to take a long nap during our most trying times.   Eleyna1957  GOD bless you!    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dPVzKTsGVf8

   Soon these “enlightened” dark villains will come under judgement.  Let us pray for them even as they kill our brethren.


Your life is worth more than you know.

    And now your life it subsides, falls from beneath you.  Would you do it all again had you the chance?  What of those that think the early stages of their life are already over and they cannot bear to continue with the hurt they feel inside?  Is it okay to destroy my life since I thought it worthless and I myself am too weak to carry on?

    WRONG!  Do not hurt yourself!  There is sooo much more to life than the familiar things you are suffering now.  I have been around the world and I chose to come back in two weeks.  Why?  I had a family waiting on me, but mostly it was because I missed my mountain home.  Yet familiarity breeds contempt and I left it only to return and rejoice ecstatically, when the mountains came yet again in my view.   What I am saying is, take your mind away from things that torment you and if you are a teen or younger and forced to live in a bad situation DO NOT despair it gets better!

  There is a great and wonderful life out there.  Forget your sorrows but remember they WILL return and they will come back in droves, but that’s the great thing.  If we had not joy we would never have sorrow to discern it from.  See the love that you bring, it will take you to where you are going to.  It will find another heart that will join with yours.  It took me 19 years to find my wife or rather find each other, but it happened.  We have our share of fights and then some but we overcame and we hold on.

     Please HOLD ON!  It is ever worth it, tomorrow can be better if you make it so.   If you live like there is no tomorrow eventually you will be disappointed, but you can say that atleast YOU LIVED.   Death be not proud read that poem!  There is nothing noble about death, nor nothing romantic about lying in wormy earth.   Remember that there are those that love you:  I AM ONE. 

     I have only these hands, I will die a pauper, BUT I am content and even joyful, because I know that one day soon my GOD will come for me and make me WHOLE.  He will not forgive your killing yourself nor do you have an excuse when he sent his own son to die for you.   Think before you act in this I beg of you please.

    I tried to kill myself on purpose 8 times and well over 15 inadvertantly so I KNOW where you are coming from.  Trust me I was bleak and black as they come yet CHRIST lifted me up out of the pits of despair and chose me to tell you this.  YOU ARE LOVED!  YOU ARE WANTED!  You are a treasure beyond compare and all will be explained to you one day soon.  

     Do not hurt yourself there are those that lie and decieve you into doing so because their fate is so bleak and certain they want others there tormented with them.   They teach you of destroying yourself because they have chosen destruction for themselves.  They cannot repent even though they know their punishment is just.   Have some faith my friend.  When you look around you do you see things that man cannot make?  Do you not realize that all this life and death surrounding us has a purpose?  We are not some experiment long forgotten we are a carefully cultivated test of faith to prepare us for our eternal rejoicing.   I do not type this lightly  and I swear to you upon my very soul this is true.  I want you around. 

    The worries of the past are just that past.  Forget todays hurt and pain and realize you will get out of your situation and that we are all tested and tried constantly.  I love you my friend even if I know you not.  BUT JESUS CHRIST loves you so much MORE!

Why do athiests say the same old same old?

   Continually if you look at their posts closely you can read between the lines and actually see their souls crying out for understanding.  Take your time and read some of them.  They are either full of hate or despair, especially the twenty and younger crowd.  Why?  Because they know they cannot prove GOD does not exist and it terrifies them, they say they can’t prove he does so that gives them leave to do what they will.  Which as any satanist knows is right up their alley.   

    Will you find Jesus in your heart or on your knees when he comes back to claim his kingdom?  I found him in both so I would not have to find myself facing my king and GOD”S Son in total fear and despair.  When he returns its too late and for a good deal sooner actually.  Why wait?  Humble yourself now and join the flock.  Spread Jesus’s love to everyone and act the part.  Fight evil in everything especially yourself.   I love my GOD and I love my savior who wouldn’t?    You decide.  Because if you have not taken Jesus as your lord and savior then in his own words you are NOT with him.  There is no middle ground.   Good luck and GOD bless.

talking to mr. or mrs. immortal

   How many people really plan on death? 

I am not speaking of planning for wills or estate planning.  I am not talking to you about eventualities here.

   Take a look around you and tell me if you really feel threatened at the moment and perhaps many actually live in a place where they are threatened or are in danger, but for the most part they aren’t atleast not all the time.

   However, death can come at any time and always at a time least expected.  How many people get time enough to repent of their deads 3 minutes before their deaths?  There are many ways death can happen instantly.

  1. Home invasion/robbery and burglaries that have lethal consequences.
  2. Heart attacks
  3. Brain aneurisms
  4. Car wrecks and thats a huge chunk right there of the mortality rate.
  5. Altercations that turn lethal
  6. and simply those freaky and weird accidents that happen to people.  Have you read about the guy that was in a wreck where the box of kleenex came from the backseat and the corner of the box pierced his skull and killed him instantly?  Or the witnesses to close car collisions where shrapnel and glass kill spectators or innocent passerbys?

    Now that I have your attention please plan ahead with the ultimate life after death insurance.  It is the love of Jesus Christ I speak to you of.  He died so we could all live and guys he’s not picky anyone can come into his wide open arms.

    Please think about it NOW and not later, after all you might not get the chance again…

The value of a life.

    You tell me to stop as if I have a choice or that my life is forfeit.  You tell me not to speak out against the injustices of man as if I should watch and forget.  You  tell me there is no GOD yet I feel and see him all around me.  Well let me tell you something…

       The value of a life is nothing if it is not spent glorifying the Lord.  My life has no value so I care not to lose it.  I warn and pray and I watch and pay heed to the things around me.  If the value of a life is in a man’ s income it is worthless.  If you speak about having wealth on earth even knowing that upon your death that you cannot take it with you then why worship the almight dollar?  We should be helping each other come to the glory of GOD and the spreading of the GOOD NEWS.  THAT has value.   We do NOT.   This mortal shell is a decaying husk meant to test you and your loyalties, it is meant to give you hope of reaching everlasting life where you will NOT DIE.   SO why worship this frail mortal condition when this reality is one of constant woe and sorrow.   You will lose things, you will gain things but in the end just lik e you, they must and will pass away. 

        Take my life it is not mine.  Take my body and lock it away, but upon death I know the conclusion and yet you seem not to.  There are those around you that only live for the moment, there are those that live for the year or for the promise of a future that is not guaranteed to them.  We cannot say that we are eternal unless we have taken the words of GOD and adapted our lives around them.   Jesus died for you and yet you do not repent.  You do not come to him with open arms as he waits for you with the same.   I leave you with this.. Where will you spend your eternity when the dollar has no fame?

Fight for Jesus!

    I watched a video on youtube and was immediately over come with a righteous fury at what I was seeing and then the spirit of the Lord took me and I was off and running.    Here is the result .

           It will soon get worse. Much much worse.    Have not we all heard and many times over the course of our lives that Jesus carried a cross and he was waiting for us to pick up our own?  This used to terrify me when I was young, the mere thought of being persecuted for Jesus Christ much less dying for him.   Yet to be a good soldier for him mustn’t we all roll up our sleeves from time to time and get down into the war for the souls of men?  I feel soo convicted of my incessant yearning for the great rapture that I sometimes forget the whole reason we are going in the first place.  God wants us all there with him!  Are we to let our lost brothers and sisters burn in the fiery pits of hell forever and ever with no attempts at all to warn them?  Are we so happy in our comfort zones as we watch murder and degradation run rampant through our streets and our school systems? There has to be a line drawn where we cannot let them pass. 

      We have to set an example so the lost cannot sit and snicker while we cower in our comfort zones and easy chairs!  There are those with a murderous intent not only upon Democracy itself but upon LIFE and the very ones that possess it.   We are not what was intended my loved ones.  Where is the fire in you?  Where are the people that stand up for the innocent our LORD and Savior?

       I used to feel so guilty of watching a video where Christians are being arrested and persecuted and saying “well someone ought to do something to put a stop to that!”   Yes, someone meaning someone other than myself…  I don’t recall Jesus saying anything about hiding behind the bible or keeping on the sidewalks of life.  We should be out there picketing, parading in the middle of the DAMN streets not worrying about when and where the cops are gonna show and what jail cell theyll stick us in for saving souls from the pits of despair!  Not worry about what sister’s cousin’s brother thinks about seeing you on the evening news.  And if you show up there then celebrate you’ve outraged somone enough to show you have done something right, so in there attempts to slander they end up showing the will of GOD>.

     How can we have allowed all this to happen?  How have we sunk to this my people?  What happened to our passion?  What happened to pride in ourselves and our GOD???  What makes us any different than the lost out there robbing and raping when we allow them to die convicted in their sins?  This isn’t even about the pronouncement of judgement upon others when we have forgotten what makes us holy in the first place!  I am righteously angry at that video and I would hope everyone that sees it becomes so.    How come there are only 4 or 5 out there confronted by the police when the cops come?  Where are the churches?  Were are the generals for the armies of Jesus?  How about annointing some and getting out there and fighting the devil and blind that follow him?  Its time we brought the fire of the Lord to the heathen out there skulking in the shadows.  I know I’ve brought it to the boards and places I comment upon.  

      Who are these people that stand in the sight of GOD and proclame his laws unrighteous?  Who are the mockers and debtors that carrying the very flames of the enemy to our children in the very classrooms that the state makes them attend? Who are we to send them unprepared into the strongholds of the dragon leaving them subjugated by abomination?  We are letting these idolators say to our youth “you may not read your prayer’s in school but you may read aloud from the tome’s of witchcraft.”  We watch televison when we should be watching our fields for the ravagings of the wolf!  We say well this should or that should not happen and watch in amazement when the very things we whisper against our not only occur but are Broadcasted and in full view of little eyes that should not be seeing them!  They are shouting their demonic doctrines at our children while we whisper in mocked contempt or feigned ignorance when Jesus himself got up and threw the moneychangers out of the TEMPLE!!!!

     This is a war friends and not only are we losing it we are sitting in front of a television set as it wages all around us!  There are many things we shouldn’t be allowing to stand and the things currently happening in America are following the oaths of satan down to the very precepts ran in HELL itself!  Let this be a rallying cry for the Lord of Hosts to you America to Cast out these money changers, these fornicating idolators daring to bring their infamy into our very living rooms and kitchens.  This is the reason that  they attack Jesus so much instead of God .  Satan wants to try and convince everyone that he was the victor at the crucifixion.  He doesn’t want the truth being told that Jesus triumphed upon him at the cross granting us our salvation!

     I myself am far far from holy and my poor sick body is a far cry from what it used to be, but I tell you that there are those that dont know much of Jesus and what they think they know they have gotten tragically wrong.  How has this been done to our youth?  ON purpose thats how, that and the fact that something isn’t being taught in our churches and that is Jesus and the simple act of repentance and redemption!!!  Well my son was saved by our merciful savior two days  ago and that got the fire inside of me burning and seeing our brother’s and sister’s being thrown in jail and being shackled for their faith right here in the U.S has thrown a guantlet down inside of me but I stand not alone.    Let me tell you now those that throw their guantlets of defiance down at the feet of GOD are about to rue that action and indeed all their actions and it will come soon.

  God bless you all  stand up for one another and call out wickedness and evil when you see it let’s take the fight to the devil by spreading the true word of GOD on the streets!