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Why do athiests say the same old same old?

   Continually if you look at their posts closely you can read between the lines and actually see their souls crying out for understanding.  Take your time and read some of them.  They are either full of hate or despair, especially the twenty and younger crowd.  Why?  Because they know they cannot prove GOD does not exist and it terrifies them, they say they can’t prove he does so that gives them leave to do what they will.  Which as any satanist knows is right up their alley.   

    Will you find Jesus in your heart or on your knees when he comes back to claim his kingdom?  I found him in both so I would not have to find myself facing my king and GOD”S Son in total fear and despair.  When he returns its too late and for a good deal sooner actually.  Why wait?  Humble yourself now and join the flock.  Spread Jesus’s love to everyone and act the part.  Fight evil in everything especially yourself.   I love my GOD and I love my savior who wouldn’t?    You decide.  Because if you have not taken Jesus as your lord and savior then in his own words you are NOT with him.  There is no middle ground.   Good luck and GOD bless.