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From Michael

I cry out to thee Most High!  Though I be lowly and fallible, though I am wretched and poor, still I seek thy face.  I Shout to thee oh Lord forgive me!  I have sinned I have suffered I have fallen and lie still in the grass.  I await thee in my filthy rags Father of all things.  I cherish thee Father my Lord, my Love, My LIGHT.  For thou art with me.  In the deluge thou didst hold me tightly. When I did undergo torment you cupped me in thy hands.  Now my helpmeet is with thee but I am not alone for thou hast sent me friendship and kinship for, by and with the brethren.  We stand for thee and with thee OH LORD.

I call out to thee MY GOD oh Great One.  From the first to the last you were there.  From the beginning to the end the Word is with THEE.  I love thee My LORD,  I sing to thee with all I am and ever will be.  From all my worthless heart in front of thy majesty I fall to the floor at thy feet and beg forgiveness.  For all I should have done for all I have not done and for all I will do I ask thee Father for clemency and mercy.  Oh Most Righteous All Powerful Father I await thy command.  If I do err Father correct me and when I fall Father lift me up.  For you MY GOD are ALL.  Without thee there Is nothing nor would nothing be.  I stand with thee as thy great and holy wings cover me All Mighty GOD I trust in the Word you have sent us.  I trust in thee My LORD, MY Love, MY Light, My Life.   Praise thee Father… AMEN!